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Mesker Park Zoo, Evansville, In.

As promised, here’s some photos from our trip to the Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville in 2007.

A greater rhea.

A peacock wandering around the zoo.

A prairie dog.


A giraffe.

A ring-tailed lemur. I loved him so much! Yes, I wanted to cuddle with him. Lemurs are my favorite primates. 🙂

Do you see the large tortoise in the back?

I think this is a przewalski horse.

Snow at the N.C. Zoo

While in N.C. celebrating Christmas with my family, Chris and I headed to the N.C. Zoo for a few hours last Saturday.

While we were there, it started snowing!

Snow at the grizzly exhibit.
The grizzly was asleep earlier when we saw him. We woke up to check out the snow, I guess.

Here’s the grizzly sleeping earlier in the morning.

Instead of taking the tram back to the parking lot, we chose to walk, stopping at some of the North American exhibits.

Here’s some more photos from the trip:

I’ve never seen this snow fox up walking around before. I guess he was happy to see the snow.

Sleepy bobcat.


An elk in the pasture with the bison.

Red wolves.

This hummingbird flew up to the fence and chirped at me several times. I don’t know if he was happy or mad to see me.

The coati (pictured) and cacomistle were up and active.

Some orchids in the Aviary.

More flora in the Aviary.

Eclectus parrot in the Aviary.

More flowers in the Aviary.

Victoria crowned pigeon.

Gorillas in the Forest Glade exhibit.
A close up of the gorilla.

I thought there were new Australian exhibits, but I guess, like the red kangaroos, those were only temporary. So those have come and gone before I got a chance to see them. 😦

The lemurs were also not out. I guess, like the elephants, giraffes and rhinos, it was too cold for them. Maybe next time.

Mill Mountain Zoo, Roanoke, Va.

Mill Mountain Zoo, Roanoke, Va., is probably the smallest zoo I’ve ever been to. And it’s accredited!

We visited recently on a Christmas shopping excursion to the city. I really enjoyed the colorful pheasants, the marmosets and wolverine. Very cool.

Many of the exhibits were closed because of the windy and cool conditions. We paid just over $7 for one adult, which seems to be a lot for a small zoo.

Here’s some photos:

Blue Magpie
Golden pheasant — one of my favorites!
Pygmy goat
Snow leopard

Japanese Macaque

Eurasian black vulture — a huge fella!

Sichuan Takin

Black-eared tufted marmoset. I wanted to cuddle with them!
I believe these are white-napped cranes.

Since we have a N.C. Zoo membership, we got in half price. (The N.C. Zoo is huge and a great weekend activity for the family. Check it out if you’re down that way.)

While on top of Mill Mountain, check out the Mill Mountain Star, the Star Trail and The Discovery Center. There are no photos of the Star Trail below. We didn’t walk on the trail that day, but we’ve done it before.

You can see this star from most areas in Roanoke.

Here’s a view from atop Mill Mountain. The star is located behind the photographer in this shot.

A snake in The Discovery Center. I don’t know why Chris insists on snapping photos of snakes!

At the bottom of the mountain, check out the Chestnut Ridge Trail. We walked there for a bit and it was a great walk, even for the cool, windy day we were there. It’s 5.4 miles, but we walked about 2.5 miles, cutting through a campground and walking down along the road to get back to the parking lot.

I’m checking out the map to decide which way to go. I’m bundled up, but was still cold in the wind.

A shot of the road as we crossed it along the trail.