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There were several flurries today. We braved the cool weather to take our pup out on her daily W-A-L-K (we spell the word around here because Sidney knows what it means).

The sky has cleared up so I don’t think we’ll see anymore snow today. A much colder week is ahead, though, so we may see more snow before the week is out.

Cold Weather = Sweaters!

It was cold enough today for me to put on a sweater!

The first sweater, in fact, I’ve ever knitted.

Note the “I Voted” sticker on the collar. I cast my absentee ballot today. Make sure you get out to the polls on Tuesday! If you can’t vote that day, there’s still time to cast an early ballot.

Hot weather already!

I can’t believe how the weather’s jumped from 30 degree weather here in the Blue Ridge Mountains to 80 degrees!

I’m still working on my wool jacket and knitted sweater. I wrote about the wool jacket here and I bought yarn for the sweater from here.

Where did the 60 degree weather I was expecting go to? I figured I’d have plenty of time.

I’ve gotta figure out a way to work in all my projects in a timely manner.

My husband’s also got me helping him with painting every room in the house and I’m sure there are more projects to come. How can I squeeze all the things I want to do in with all the things I need to do, like work and chores?

Ugh. I’ve gotta find a better system! 🙂

On trend

I’m not one to usually follow trends. I like to look at them to get ideas, but, otherwise, don’t really care and don’t break the bank to follow the crowd.

But I was excited to see this on MyStyle’s blog today! Houndstooth!

Why so excited? I actually bought beautiful houndstooth wool material a little more than a year ago to make a jacket out of. So, if I can finally get this project finished, I’ll be right on trend!

But, I’ll have to finish it before it starts to turn warmer. And I’ve got to figure out how to set in sleeves, something I haven’t attempted yet.

Mmmmm . . . pressure.