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Weekend photos — May 22-23

Though I had to work Sunday and most of Saturday was spent doing chores, Chris and I did find time to take two 2.6 mile walks on the New River Trail State Park.

Here are some beauties and what I think that they are. Now, my identification skills aren’t that great and Newcomb’s just isn’t my friend, but this is what I came up with. If you have any suggestions or can correctly identify them, let me know in the comments below.

I think the flower below is possibly a campion of some kind. I’m not too sure. Any ideas?

I couldn’t find the fuzzy bloom below or anything that closely resembled it in Newcomb’s or our other wildflower book. I’m leaning toward an orchid. Anyone?

I’m certain the purple beauty below is a Virginia Waterleaf:

And, of course, this is a Virginia Spiderwort, one of Chris’ favorites:

And the very familiar fire pink:

While I was at work Sunday, Chris ventured out and took some more pictures in Carroll County and our yard. Check ’em out:

Mountain Laurel

Bug on a leaf

Tulip poplar bloom



And, if you were wondering, we did go to see the Embers play at Hillsville’s summer concert series, checked out the cars in the cruise in and talked with some artists at the Carter Home’s Art Festival. Chris took some pictures for The Gazette.


I’m proud to announce that I’ve seen my first wild orchids!

Here’s a showy orchis that Chris snapped:

All photos by E.A. Seagraves or Christopher Brooke/Do not use without permission.

Gorgeous, huh?

For over a week we kept an eye on the beauty, waiting for it to bloom. I’ve always wanted to see a lady slipper but I was frightened that a mid-April frost claimed it and ruined my chances for seeing one. Luckily it survived.

Chris and I tried several shots before we could finally snap this lady slipper. I’m proud to say this is my very own wildflower shot. Chris was jealous, but not for long. I reminded him that he gets to take all kinds of beautiful flower photos and should be happy that I actually caught one on camera.

Here’s some of the beauties Chris has taken recently. The first three are trilliums and the last is a wild dwarf iris: