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A nice note

Yesterday I received a nice note from the Meals on Wheels program director of my hometown in North Carolina. I sent several cards to the program and another here in Virginia several weeks ago.

One of the seniors who received a card told the director (with punctuation corrected), “I’m very appreciative that someone thought to give me a Valentine Card. It has been so long since I have received one and for it to be homemade adds a special touch. It warms my heart.” I’m glad someone appreciated the cards!

Making cards for seniors and others in the community is something Crafters for Christ has done for the past couple of years. Sometimes when you do something, you never hear or see the impact. It’s nice once in awhile to see you actually made a difference in someone else’s life.

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Valentine’s Day Cards

I forgot to share this with you! I made several of these cards for a project with Crafters for Christ last month, as well as some extras. I used the Cricut Mini to cut out the shapes. What do you think?

2014 Valetine's Day Cards


I know you may find them a little cloying, but I like them. Most went to our church’s college students. You should have seen the beautiful ones other Crafters made. I minister with a creative bunch of ladies!

I also made several for senior citizens. I hope they brought joy to whomever received them!

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Chocolate bread pudding with butterscotch sauce

Although I didn’t give Chris any Valentine’s Day gifts, I did make him, what I thought was, a delicious meal.

The highlight, I think, was the dessert — chocolate bread pudding with butterscotch sauce.

I found the recipes earlier in the month when checking on one of my favorite blogs — Amy Karol’s angry chicken. You can find the post here.

Reading through the recipes and Karol’s post about her experience with the desserts, I knew then I’d found a way to my hubby’s heart! 🙂

The dessert wasn’t as chocolatey as I would have liked, but it’s still delicious, especially warmed. I used homemade wheat bread, not the cinnamon-raisin suggested in the recipe. And I sprinkled powdered sugar on top.

Since butterscotch is one of Chris’ favorite flavors, I doubled the recipe, making a little more than a pint of gooey sauce. It’s got a nice, rich flavor. I couldn’t find heavy cream at our local Super Dollar grocery store, so I used whipping cream instead, which worked out well.

I never did decide on a main course so I had Chris choose.

He liked the sound of Rachael Ray’s Rosemary Chicken Breasts and Brown Butter and Balsamic Ravioli from her “30 Minute Meals: Get Togethers.”

I used apple cider vinegar in place of balsamic vinegar in both recipes.

Both recipes are keepers. The vinegar gave the chicken an added layer of flavor and mixed well with the rosemary and garlic. (I used dried rosemary since I already had that on hand. I hope to start some rosemary from my parents’ garden later this year.)

I was most surprised about the ravioli. I didn’t know how vinegar would taste with the pasta but it had surprising flavor created by the vinegar, (dried) parsley and parmesan cheese that I added.

I’m certain these recipes will make a return appearance on our plates sometime down the road.