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Progress is slow, but at least there’s progress!

Look what I found in the garden this afternoon!

This is the first thing I’ve pulled from the garden this year. We planted the summer crops late because of the rain we had for a month or more. And now it’s so hot, the plants are struggling to hold on.

But this little pea pod gives me hope! I found two more pea pods starting to grow and a couple more blooms on the vine.

So, there’s still hope for the spring crops and I’m cheering on the summer crops. 🙂

What to do with all those sugar snap peas

Do you love sugar snap peas? Got ’em overflowing the frig drawer and don’t know how you’re going to eat all of them before summer’s end?

Stop over at the Amateur Gourmet and see what Adam has made with his “favorite seasonal vegetable.”

I’m not a big pickle eater, but it’s good to have a good pickling recipe or two on hand.