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Some spring flowers

This spring is shaping up to be the best one we’ve had in a long time. Already we’ve seen and id’d lots of beautiful wildflowers, butterflies and birds.

Here’s some flowers we found Friday and yesterday evening. I’ve identified most of them. If I’ve mislabeled them or I’ve left some blank and you know what it is, please let me know in the comments!

Dutchman’s breeches



Cut-leaf toothwort

Spring beauty


Rue anemone

Large-flowered bellwort

Yellow Corydalis

Ground ivy or a violet

Flowers in bloom

Last weekend, Chris and I made, what’s becoming an annual Easter trip, to the Austinville end of the New River Trail State Park.

Like last year, we recorded the flowers we saw and the number and type of butterflies and birds we saw.

On Sunday we saw:

Flowers —

Cut Leaf Toothwort

Rue Anemone


Dutchmen’s Britches

Fragrant Sumac (or, possible, Spicebush)


Butterflies — 4 blues, 4 morning cloaks, a painted lady, a question mark (or comma)

Morning Cloak

Question Mark (or a Comma)

Birds — kingfisher, cardinal

Hot weather already!

I can’t believe how the weather’s jumped from 30 degree weather here in the Blue Ridge Mountains to 80 degrees!

I’m still working on my wool jacket and knitted sweater. I wrote about the wool jacket here and I bought yarn for the sweater from here.

Where did the 60 degree weather I was expecting go to? I figured I’d have plenty of time.

I’ve gotta figure out a way to work in all my projects in a timely manner.

My husband’s also got me helping him with painting every room in the house and I’m sure there are more projects to come. How can I squeeze all the things I want to do in with all the things I need to do, like work and chores?

Ugh. I’ve gotta find a better system! 🙂

Angry Chicken’s emailorder and flowers

It’s finally here! Amy Karol of Angry Chicken has posted eMailorder #11 — Potions and Concoctions — and it’s ready for downloading.

Amy had asked her blog readers if we wanted a compilation of all her various homemade remedies and goodies. I’ve been looking forward to it for a bit now, especially the lip balm, deodorant and the shampoo recipes.

In Amy’s description, here’s what you can find in this new download: Mullein Oil, Shampoo and Detangler, Facial Oil, Eye Compress, Herbal Toner, Vapor Rub, Facial Cleanser, Bugs Don’t Like Me Balm, Favorite Tea, Hair Spray, Lip Balm, Baby Bottom Spray, Plantain Poultice for Stings, Magic Tooth Cleaning Solution, Deodorant, and Elderflower Cough Syrup

I’ll report back as I give ’em a try.

You can find the eMailorder here. You can buy it using PayPal.

Also, check out this crocheted magnet Nannie made me. My grandma is one of the crafty ladies that retaught me how to crochet when I picked up the hook again a couple years ago.

Ain’t it cute? Spring’s on the way, folks!

I may make my own copy and post the pattern here for y’all so you can make your own.

Nannie created this cutie using one a friend gave her many years ago as a copy. Her flower magnet has been on her frig for years and she thought she’d copy it and give some away.