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Finishing up the camping trip posts

Today I’m working on the rest of the camping trip posts. I’ll spread those out over next week, so please come back to learn about camping at Smith Mountain Lake and the Breaks Interstate Park. I’ll also have some pics from Harvest Time at Booker T. Washington National Park.

While you wait, if you’re interested, go check out other posts I’ve written about Richmond. We went there for a brief visit this week, which makes our third or fourth visit. I don’t remember how many times we’ve visited now. I’m beginning to lose count!

A couple of great eats in Richmond

We found a couple of new great places to eat in Richmond, Va. — Patrick Henry’s Pub and Grille on East Broad Street and Alamo BBQ on Jefferson Avenue.

We ate out on the patio at Patrick Henry’s on a brisk Tuesday evening. Lucky for Chris, Tuesday’s special is burgers. He got a medium rare patty with swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard. He paired it with Yuengling and great onion rings. That’s high praise coming from me. I’m not a big fan of onion rings because they’re usually greasy. That wasn’t a problem with these. I’d get them as a side if we ever eat there again.

I settled on a blackened salmon sandwich, though I thought it tasted more like the fish was coated in paprika and not a mixture of seasonings and didn’t appear “blackened.” It was delicious, nonetheless, and included roasted red peppers (one of my favorites!), red pepper aioli and spinach. I also ordered a side Cesar salad and chardonnay.

I would love to live somewhere on Grace Street so we could walk to Patrick Henry’s on a regular basis. The service and atmosphere were great and the food was even better.

The Alamo is a walk up and order joint. Besides pork and chicken barbecues, the restaurant also offers vegetarian options, such as a portobello barbecue sandwich or taco. I couldn’t pass up the pork, so I got a pulled pork sandwich and a side of rice and black beans. Chris got a chicken sandwich and sweet potatoes.

It was really cool outside and there was only outdoor seating. So we quickly ate and headed back to the car. The food was good, so I hated to eat and run instead of savoring it. During colder days, plan to order to go.



Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

If you visit Richmond, Va., I’d recommend checking out the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

The museum’s collections include art deco and art nouveau, English silver, Faberge, mid-to-late 20th century and 21st centuryAmerican art, African art and Ancient art. Here are some of the lovely pieces that we saw back in January:

Edgar Allan Poe Museum, Richmond, Va.

If you visit Richmond, make time to visit the Edgar Allan Poe Museum on East Main Street. It’s on the same street as the Main Street Station and the Farmer’s Market.

This is the front of the museum. It is a home from the era of Poe’s childhood, though not one he ever lived in or visited.

You’ll get to walk through several rooms with artifacts from Poe’s life in Richmond. He lived there early in his life before moving to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and back to Richmond at various times throughout his adult life.

Poe’s mother, a traveling actress, died when he was 3 and John Allan, a wealthy merchant, and his wife, Frances Valentine Allan, took him in.

I really liked the portraits; original manuscripts, including those of Poe’s sister Rosalie; and the layout of Richmond during Poe’s lifetime, showing where he lived, went to school and worked.

You can’t take photos inside the rooms, but you can outside in the courtyard.

This bust of Poe sits under a shelter in the courtyard behind the main museum building. I’m not really sure why people have left coins for the dead poet.
Here’s the front and back side of the information you’re given for the self-guided tour. It also includes a map layout of the buildings and grounds.
Don’t know much about Edgar Allan Poe? Check out these books.

And you most definitely should read Poe’s work.


Church Hill, Richmond, Va.

Probably my most favorite neighborhood in Richmond was Church Hill. We spent a lot of time walking around Libby Hill Park and the streets, checking out the historic homes.

This neighborhood is one of the earliest incorporated areas of the city. It’s on a hill that overlooks the James River, downtown and other neighborhoods.
I would love to live in this neighborhood! It’s just so quaint, especially with the Italianate houses, which you know I love. 🙂
Check out this streetscape. So wonderful! I love it.
Check out this sunset.

The statue was erected in 1894 for Confederate soldiers and sailors. It’s at Libby Hill Park, where we saw several kids biking and dogs fetching early in the evening.
We also saw a Segway Tour pass through. The people stopped to check out the view below. The Segway Tours take people to various historic and interesting sites throughout the city. We thought about taking the tour, but opted to explore areas on our own.
Here’s a link to the site for the Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods and one to Church Hill’s own news website. These are good sites to learn more about the history of the neighborhood and what’s currently happening in the area.
Below the hill, is Shockoe Bottom. We parked at Libby Hill Park one morning and walked down the hill to eat breakfast/brunch at Poe’s Pub. Chris and I both ordered frittatas, which may sound like a light breakfast, but it wasn’t! Both plates were loaded with eggs, cheese, sauce and veggies. We could have easily shared one between the both of us. 
This pub would be a great place to grab a bite to eat or a drink with some friends. The pub hosts several bands throughout the month, from rock and blues to R&B and country.
If we lived in Church Hill, I could imagine us walking down to the pub often during the week.

Richmond, Virginia’s State Capital

While in Richmond, we walked around a bit at Capital Square. Lots of traditional government buildings and statues surround the square. Here’s some photos, including the governor’s mansion.

The Capital Building.

This is the George Washington Equestrian Monument.

The smaller statues are of Andrew Lewis, Patrick Henry, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Nelson and John Marshall.
There are also statues representing colonial times, revolution, Bill of Rights, independence, finance and justice.

Not really sure what this building is, but it’s beautiful. One of my favorites we saw in the city.

The governor’s mansion.


Where to Eat: Sette, Richmond, Va.

Our first night in Richmond, Chris and I grabbed a bite to eat at Sette, a pizza joint on N. 23rd Street.

The restaurant is a small, intimate place with colorful, abstract artwork on the walls. Staff was prompt and cordial.
The table for two we sat at was sort of small, but big enough to hold one pie.
We ordered the Church Hill, which has pepperoni, roasted red peppers and mushrooms on a tomato sauce. It was so tasty! Take a look:
We had three pieces each and finished if up so we didn’t have to worry taking it back to the hotel. Not that we could stop eating it anyway! It was that good. 🙂
I sprinkled black pepper on my slices and Chris used parm cheese. There was plenty of sauce and cheese and all the flavors melded together beautifully. Nothing was burnt. Nothing overpowered everything else. Everything was in harmony and so was our tummies!
For dessert we shared tiramisu. Not really anything to write home about, but I find it hard to screw up tiramisu. It was a generous helping and one was enough for both of us. A nice ending to a wonderful meal.
We were tempted to go back another night, but we were only in Richmond for a short weekend and wanted to sample other local fare.
If we visit Richmond again, Sette will have to be the first food stop! Other pizzas I want to try are:
* Arugula: white sauce, arugula, roasted red peppers, goat cheese and basil
* The Greek: balsamic glaze, kalamata olives, merquez sausage, artichokes, grape tomatoes and feta
* The Florentine: white sauce, baby spinach and goat cheese
* Herbivore: white sauce, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, artichokes, kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized fennel and onions with mozzarella
* Wild Mushroom: tomato sauce with a blend of wild mushrooms
I count at least 5 more visits and I didn’t even glance at the appetizer or salad menus!