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Washed out sewing room

Although I didn’t get time to sew last weekend (or pay taxes) it probably would have been hard to do given all the rain we had. Check out my sewing room!

Yes, that’s water. My sewing machine and serger are located in our unfinished basement, which gets little rivulets through it when it rains. This happens despite the fact Chris has worked hard to water seal our foundation.

And it rained yesterday and is again today. It’s days like this (or when it’s bitterly cold) that I wish I had a sewing room on the main floor of the house! Then I’d have more time and days to sew because my equipment would be in much more hospitable environs. Oh, well. It is what it is. πŸ™‚

I probably won’t tackle the knit shirt again this weekend because I have to work Sunday. But that means I’ll have a 3-day weekend next week! I may designate next Friday as Sewing Day. Yippee!

Until then, I’ll continue to work on Chris’ cardigan. And watch episodes of Battlestar GalacticaΒ on Netflix. πŸ™‚
Amazon has the complete Battlestar Galactica series! We’re watching the 4th season and are pretty addicted to the show.