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Knit and Crochet Now! TV

I watched Knit and Crochet Now! TV, hosted by Brett Bara, for the first time on WBRA while eating lunch today. I have to say it was quite informative. I wasn’t sure how a show about knitting or crocheting could be produced or be any good, but I really liked it.

During the knitting segment, I learned a new pattern technique that I want to try out on a swatch. It involves yarn overs (YO) and dropping stitches. The YO stitch serves as an anchor to stop the stitch that’s dropped seven rows above the YO. This creates  a pattern with flat holes in it. Maggie Pace explained the pattern.

The crocheted pattern was very simple and it was interesting listening to Bara and Robyn Chachula discuss the sweater’s construction. Because of the sweater’s simple stitches and construction, Chachula said it’s an easy pattern for beginners.

I also liked the “Scarf of the Day” segment. It sounds really corny, but it was cool. The day’s scarf was a big, chunky scarf made with a cable stitch. The scarf has an appearance of being braided or twisted together. I want to find some chunky yarn and make a scarf for me — minus the pompoms on the ends.

You can buy and purchase the show, called “Wardrobe Builders” (Season 4, Episode 407) from Knit and Crochet Now’s website.