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Easter Wildflower Hike 2015

Though Sydney has had a sore knee for the past several weeks, we managed to go on our annual Easter wildflower walk last week. Since she’s still having trouble walking, we choose a short, easy trail — Rock Run Loop — at Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest. The 0.5-mile trail is located in Bernheim’s forest and follows along a small creek.

We didn’t see many flowers, but we did see a trout lily, which we didn’t see that often in Virginia. Below are the flowers:

Cutleaf Toothwort

Cutleaf toothwort

Rue anemone

Rue anemone

Trout lily

Trout lily

This weekend we wanted to see if we could find any wildflowers at Iroquois Park. We were pleasantly surprised. Below is some of what we found, including Jack-in-the-pulpit, which we’ve never seen before.







Spring beauties

Spring beauties

Young Jewelweed (Touch-me-nots)

Young jewelweed (Touch-me-nots)

We miss seeing the Dutchman’s breeches, wild columbine and showy orchis we could easily find in Virginia, but we’re looking forward to seeing what other new flowers we can discover in our new community.

White Glove Test Exhibit, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

Before the winter weather arrived Monday, Chris and I visited the newly opened White Glove Test exhibit at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.

White Glove Test photo 1

It’s a small exhibit of punk band fliers created and distributed during 1978 to 1994. I thought Chris would enjoy looking for fliers of shows he may have attended.

White Glove Test photo 5

He only found one — Big Black. But since most of the fliers don’t include years, he’s not entirely sure. There were several fliers of bands he recognized, like favorite Hüsker Dü.

I really liked the fliers created on notebook paper, like these:

White Glove Test 2

Here’s another favorite:

White Glove Test 3

Though a small collection, the exhibit is worth checking out. It’s open through April 6.

Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoyed time with family and friends during this holiday season. I’m currently on the tail end of a 2-week break, which I’ve enjoyed immensely. Next week starts another round of rigorous studying.

We spent some time in N.C. and Va. visiting with family and friends. It was so wonderful seeing so many loved ones! I was tempted to kidnap a few people and bring them back to Kentucky. We finished up the holidays with a family Christmas dinner this past Sunday. Sunday’s celebrations ended with a visit to Lights Under Louisville — a Christmas light display in Louisville Mega Cavern.

Lights Under Louisville 2

Lights Under Louisville 1

I wish you a blessed, prosperous and happy new year in 2015!

Butchertown Art Fair and Waterfront Park

Though the iPhone was a failure at the Americana World Festival, it was somewhat serviceable at the Butchertown Art Fair and Waterfront Park. We visited both on a Sunday a couple weekends ago.

My in-laws told us that the the art fair is usually small. That doesn’t speak, however, to the quality of the products. I thought many of the artisans had nice items.

Butchertown Art Fair

Butchertown Art Fair

I really enjoyed the architecture and tree-lined streets in the community, too. Excuse the recycling bin. It doesn’t really make for  a great photo.



We spent some time speaking with some ladies from Preservation Louisville. Some of the organization’s efforts include preserving the city’s shotgun houses.

One of the women recommended hooking up with a couple of neighborhood associations close to our home. I’ve looked them up and am currently keeping tabs on the groups’ Facebook pages. The associations don’t necessarily serve our immediate neighborhood, but we’re all pretty much in the same area. Many of the similar issues affect us equally, such as vandalism at local businesses, plans for the Taylor Boulevard and New Cut Road corridor and activities at Iroquois Park.

After leaving Butchertown, we decided to take a stroll at Waterfront Park. While walking along the river front we saw the Belle of Louisville.

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville

It was threatening rain, so not many folks were out and about and we decided not to stray too far from our car.

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Americana World Festival

We spent a few hours on a recent Saturday morning watching some acts at the 24th Americana World Festival, hosted by the Americana Community Center.

There was, of course, dancing:

Traditional Hawaiian dancing

Traditional Hawaiian dancing

Appalatin had a large group up and dancing by the end of its set.

Appalatin had a large group up and dancing by the end of its set.

An Iroquois High School student dances during the Americana World Festival.

An Iroquois High School student dances during the Americana World Festival.

Several Iroquois High School students participated in the Americana World Festival.

Several Iroquois High School students participated in the Americana World Festival.

There was also music, food and vendors. I recorded two performances, but my iPhone didn’t pick up any audio. I’m researching ways to correct this, but it seems that those videos are a loss. That sucks because I really wanted you to hear some Appalatin and watch one of the the high school students’ dances.

The photo quality wasn’t all that great either. I’m pretty disappointed at the overall visual quality. Next time I’ll know to at least take my point-and-shoot if not my D50.

I had a blast, though, and I can’t wait for next year’s event.

The community center offers a wide variety of services —from family education and after school programs to art and a community gardens.

Anchorage Trail, Anchorage, Ky.

On Christmas Day, Chris, Sidney, Chris’ parents and I headed off to explore Anchorage Trail. This 2-mile loop trail is located in Anchorage, a small city in the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Area (Ky.). Anchorage is a community full of large homes and trees. I can’t seem to find a government site about the park, but here’s some pics and a review from a local from a few years ago.

And here are some of my pics and a review of what we saw:

Anchorage Trail

Despite the cold, there were lots of people walking their pups, biking or giving their kids an opportunity to ride their scooters. True to the culture we’ve come to expect from Louisvillians and surrounding communities, most of the walkers greeted us with a smile and “Merry Christmas.”

Alongside the trail were fields of soybeans, a small pond with several mallards and a pair of swans, tree stands and views of many large homes. We saw a nuthatch, a young hawk, a possum and many cardinals and robins.

Anchorage Hawk

Anchorage ducks

Most of the trail is paved, but there are some dirt paths that we avoided because of melting ice. We did venture out onto a wooden overlook to check out the pond and ducks.

Chris and Sidney at Anchorage overlook

Residents in the area are lucky to have this available. It’s a great place to walk or bike and is connected to sidewalks so that you can walk up the street to local cafes and shopping.

Shalimar Restaurant

Last week I made a whirlwind trip to Kentucky. While there I got to see family. Unfortunately it was all too brief. The holidays are around the corner so I’ll get to see them again soon, and Chris and Sidney will be able to join me.

One evening, my in-laws and I went to Shalimar Restaurant in Louisville, Ky. Chris and I have gone with them before and enjoyed it. My in-laws go fairly often.

This Indian restaurant is tucked away in a a strip shopping center. If you’re not up for Indian, the center also has Chinese and Mexican restaurants a couple doors down.

Shalimar features lamb, goat, chicken, seafood and vegetarian dishes. While we looked over the menu, naan and chutney were brought to the table. The chutneys were mint, tamarind and onion.

I selected nav ratan korma, which is a cream-based dish with cauliflower, potatoes, chickpeas, lima beans, peas, green beans, carrots, cashews and raisins. My in-laws selected chicken curry and chicken kadal, which is chicken served with bell peppers, tomatoes and onions. Each of us received our own bowl of rice, and we, of course, shared the dishes.

For bread, we choose two rotis, which made eight triangles. They were good, but were sort of wet. It didn’t seem to be from butter or grease. Rotis are baked or cooked on a griddle, not fried. So I think it must have been from sitting covered under a heat lamp.

The vegetable dish was my favorite. The variety of the vegetables provided a lot of different textures and tastes compared to the chicken dishes. The curry was good. It wasn’t the most amazing curry I’d ever had, but it was good. This was the first kadal I’ve eaten. It was tasty, but very similar to the curry, in my opinion.

The service is friendly and the atmosphere is nice. The table settings include white linens, cloth napkins and candles, so there is an air of formality, but it’s not stiff. There’s more of a relaxed feeling. It’s not so formal that you would be uncomfortable dining with your kids or wearing jeans.