Elizabeth A.S. Brooke

Crafting, traveling and everything in between.

Settling in

We officially moved into our new home last weekend. I’ve been rearranging things, unpacking and generally settling into our new space. Chris didn’t begin his new job until Wednesday so he was around the first part of the week to help.

This weekend we’re adding shelves and a light to a basement closet, adding drainage pipes to our gutters, hanging pictures and setting out decorations. We hope to spend some time exploring more of our new neighborhood before another long work week begins Monday.

Things from this week:

  • We saw DeSales High School 2014 graduates walking down Kenwood Drive to Iroquois Park, presumably for their graduation. Many people cheered and honked car horns as police vehicles escorted the seniors across roads and side streets.
  • I’ve got my library card! The librarian, who registered me, is pretty darn cool. All the libraries in the city are linked so you can order a book and have it shipped to your home branch. Then you can drop the book off at any city library. No need to have it sent back to the branch you checked it out from.
  • Kentucky requires you to visit two different offices to get your driver’s license and tags. To receive the tags, the sheriff’s office has to inspect your car.
  • Like North Carolina, if you’re not registered with one of the two major political parties you don’t get to vote in primaries. I like Virginia’s system better. You get to vote in either primary no matter how you’re registered. That’s great for when the real race is the primary. Oftentimes the only contenders are from the same party.
  • In some large cities, residents and employees have to pay income taxes to the municipality.
  • Fences can be a source of tremendous stress. If people would be true to their word, life would be much more pleasant.

I start a summer program June 30. That’s six weeks to get into a routine here at home and to finish getting things organized and into place. Classes begin Aug. 4. I need to pick up some school supplies before then — a required iPad, a study table or desk, etc. The remaining tools will be bought during orientation the last week of July .

Quick update

I’m peeping in for a quick update. The last couple of weeks have been spent meeting with Realtors, looking at houses, speaking with inspectors and making plans. Oh, and packing, driving and unpacking a 20-foot U-Haul. We couldn’t have been able to do so much without the help of friends and family, to whom we’re very grateful.

Lots of changes are happening, and they’re occurring much quicker than I thought possible. Though I’ve been really stressed, which I think has exacerbated my asthma and allergies, I can’t help but stop and acknowledge that God is good. After firing the first Realtor, we found a blessing in Anne. She’s been a great resource and has been quick to respond to inquiries during our house hunt.

After walking through several disappointments, we found a home that was too good to be true that had only been on the market for 10 days and was in the neighborhood we liked. Our offer has been accepted and now we’re in negotiations about the house inspection. There are quite a few things we want to address, but many can be expected for an older home and are acceptable at a home at this price point. They are, however, still negotiation points. Some things, however, should be fixed before moving forward. I hope the current owners are amenable and understanding. So far I feel like negotiations have been fair and honest. Hopefully we’ll have a home ready to move into on Final Moving Day in a few months.