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Free Pattern Month and buying fabric online

Hiya! Just a quick reminder to stop by Grosgrain to enjoy Free Pattern Month through the end of May. Click the button below!

Also, Rae over at Made by Rae is hosting her annual Spring Top Sewalong. Submissions should already be in and judges will soon narrow down the tops down to the finalists, which we’ll get to vote for our favorite.

One of the judges, Deborah of Whipstitch Fabrics, shared how to buy fabric from online stores earlier this week. If you’re anxious about buying fabric online, stop by Whipstitch Fabrics to see what Deborah says about picking out the best fabric for your project.

Grosgrain’s Free Pattern Month starts Monday!

Kathleen over at Grosgrain announced this morning that Free Pattern Month begins Monday!

The event coincides with Kathleen’s announcement of changes taking place at Grosgrain. You can read about those changes here.

Click on the button below to go visit. I’ll also post this button on my page so you can easily find it in the future.

Free patterns

Kathleen over at Grosgrain will feature “Free Pattern Month” in May in celebration of several changes around her blog.

I’ve very excited to see the changes Kathleen talks about here and am excited about free patterns! Who wouldn’t be?

So, to check out this month-long feature, click the button above and enjoy all through May.

And congrats to Kathleen on her changes! I wish her luck and best wishes!

Grosgrain’s Embellish Knit Month

Just peaking peeking in quickly to say “hi.” I’ve been busy working on Christmas projects, a fall sweater (need to get that done a.s.a.p.!) and Christmas shopping.

While this as been going on, I’ve also been enjoying Embellish Knit Month over at Grosgrain. I love seeing how Kathleen alters various sweaters and cardigans she find at thrifts stores. It’s very interesting and inspiring.

I especially like Day 8’s cardigan. Kathleen added a flowerdy chiffon on the inside and a woven trim around the edge. Gorgeous! (Yes, I said flowerdy. I’m from the South, yo!)

Go check it out:

I’m also anxiously waiting for the new CraftSanity magazine that Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood has been working on for a bit. She gave a quick update today and I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Recovering pillows

Kathleen over at Grosgrain posted a great how-to under her How-To Tuesdays series: How to recover pillows!

Okay, maybe you’re not as thrilled as me, but this is a great way to save some dough and/or mix up the look of your throw pillows in your living room. It’s especially helpful if you’re pillows are worn looking and need a pick-me up.

I know I’ve got a few pillows that need some more life and color. But that’ll probably have to wait until after the holidays. I’ve got too much Christmas sewing to do and so little time to do it. 😛

Upcoming book release

Kathleen over at grosgrain just announced that she’s writing a book based on her “Frock by Friday” series!

That is so exciting!

I’ve never actually participated in this sew-a-long series, but I read the instructions every single day and I love it when Kathleen posts pics of her favorite frocks sewn by people following long. (She calls this feature “Flikr Favs.”)

Kathleen is very talented and creative. I love seeing what she comes up with. Her How-To videos are also very informative for people of all skill levels.

Oh, and her “Thrift Store Thursday” posts! I love those too. She takes finds from local thrift stores and alters them to fit or uses them to create something new.

Readers, stop what you’re doing and go visit grosgrain and check out all those wonderful frocks!

Congrats, Kathleen! Can’t wait to see your book on store shelves!