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Café La Ruche

Café La Ruche is a small French cafe on 31st street in the northwest section of D.C. During our visit to Georgetown, we stopped here for lunch.

Across the street are some quaint buildings.

Neighborhood of La Ruche

The menu features several brunch items. Chris picked out sausage, eggs and a croissant for lunch.

Chris' lunch

I got an avocado and shrimp salad with eggs, beets and onion. We also shared a mimosa.

My brunch

Sidney wasn’t left out either. The owner brought her a bowl of water.


Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

We walked a little ways on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail (C&O Canal Trail) in Georgetown one morning. This portion is known as the Cow Towpath.

Section of the C&O Canal Trail through Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Section of the C&O Canal Trail through Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

We were a little disappointed in the trail. We were expecting a greenway, but  it’s more of a dirt path. It’s a heavily used trail, though. Because of the large amount of bikers, walkers and fishermen, we had to walk single file for the majority of the walk. Chris suggested we walk around the Georgetown community instead.


Georgetown Market

We really like the Georgetown area. It’s very quaint and filled with lots of restaurants and shops. Very walkable. Lots of greenery. Lots of beautiful buildings.

We found Rock Creek Park along the waterfront. There were people boating, biking and walking along the water. Kids played in a water fountain.

The Georgetown Waterfront

The Georgetown Waterfront

Water Fountain

Back on the main streets, we found the Old Stone House, completed in 1766. It is the only remaining  pre-Revolutionary building in the capital. It is also part of Rock Creek Park.

Old Stone House

This house (1766) is the only remaining pre-Revolutionary building in D.C.

The large backyard of the Old Stone House.

The large backyard of the Old Stone House.