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Butchertown Art Fair and Waterfront Park

Though the iPhone was a failure at the Americana World Festival, it was somewhat serviceable at the Butchertown Art Fair and Waterfront Park. We visited both on a Sunday a couple weekends ago.

My in-laws told us that the the art fair is usually small. That doesn’t speak, however, to the quality of the products. I thought many of the artisans had nice items.

Butchertown Art Fair

Butchertown Art Fair

I really enjoyed the architecture and tree-lined streets in the community, too. Excuse the recycling bin. It doesn’t really make for  a great photo.



We spent some time speaking with some ladies from Preservation Louisville. Some of the organization’s efforts include preserving the city’s shotgun houses.

One of the women recommended hooking up with a couple of neighborhood associations close to our home. I’ve looked them up and am currently keeping tabs on the groups’ Facebook pages. The associations don’t necessarily serve our immediate neighborhood, but we’re all pretty much in the same area. Many of the similar issues affect us equally, such as vandalism at local businesses, plans for the Taylor Boulevard and New Cut Road corridor and activities at Iroquois Park.

After leaving Butchertown, we decided to take a stroll at Waterfront Park. While walking along the river front we saw the Belle of Louisville.

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville

It was threatening rain, so not many folks were out and about and we decided not to stray too far from our car.

Harvest Time photos

Here are several pics from our visit from Harvest Time at Booker T. Washington National Monument. It was a really nice event. I was surprised and glad to see the parking lot full of vehicles and even a tour bus of Deltas.

The rain, unfortunately, cut the event short since most of the activities were outside. We missed the soap making, blacksmith and sheep shearing. You should make an effort to visit this site if you’re ever out this way.

Harvest Time barn

A barn on the Booker T. Washington Monument property.

Harvest Time Horse and Buggy

Visitors took buggy rides around the property.

Apple cutting at Harvest Time

This interpreter is cutting apples for drying.

photo 3

Harvest Time Interpreter

The interpreter (left) is discussing cooking methods.

Harvest Time musicians

Musicians perform before a sketch at Harvest Time.

Harvest Time Sketch

Actors perform a sketch at Harvest Time.

Colonial garden at Harvest Time

Period garden at Booker T. Washington National Monument.

photo 3-1
photo 4-1

Autumn Leaves Festival

Chris and I went to the Autumn Leaves Festival in Mount Airy, N.C., pretty late on a a Sunday afternoon.

I thought this display was cute.
Some musicians jamming downtown.

We thought there was still quite a crowd, but vendors said the crowd had thinned out a lot.

Crowd shot!

I believe some of the vendors had left also. There weren’t as many booths as we expected and there appeared to be several empty spots along the curb.

We explored new wine shop downtown — Uncorked. Very nice couple. Nice selection of wines. No, we didn’t buy any. But the store is set up very nice and offers tastings. Check it out!

Checking out the wine selection at Uncorked, downtown Mount Airy.

We also stumbled across a new location for Yesterdays, a book, comic, collectables store that used to be located on the 2nd floor of an antiques store. They’re now at 160 N. Main St., Unit 100.

One of the owner’s wives is also selling most of her yarn stock. I expect the yarn supplies will be there for quite awhile. There was a lot of yarn and supplies in a room off of the main store’s shopping area. I plan to go back and browse more of the yarn and supplies.

Wheeling, W.Va.

On our trip to West Virginia, we spent a lot of time in Wheeling.

At one time, this was a bustling city and it has the old, gorgeous buildings to prove it.

This is the Capital Theatre. The city is working hard to renovate it and use it for cultural arts.

This was one of Chris’ favorite buildings. The second picture below is a close up and shows some more detail.

Chris was also impressed with the National Road bridge at the edge of town. It was the first federally funded highway.

We walked across the bridge one evening and explored the structure and the river below.

For me, I particularly liked what I think are Italianate homes. One side would be a shop with the shopkeeper’s home on the second floor. The second half of the building would be rented out.

This was my favorite building.

This is the gate seen in the middle of the building. It leads to a backyard.

There was also a neat market area called The Centre Market. It had neat architecture and so did the surrounding buildings.

Part of the market is seen in the left corner. In the back in a business district.

We also saw Independence Hall, where West Virginia broke from Virginia and joined the Union in the fight during the Civil War.

While in the area we checked out Wheeling’s Sternwheeler Festival. Sternwheelers are boats with wheels in the back.

We got to go on one boat and talk with the captain. He has worked on boats most of his life and has traveled up and down the Ohio and parts of the Mississippi.

Here I am talking to the captain on his boat.

The boat we visited, is the third from the left.

This is a pretty cool city, filled with history and beautiful buildings. It would be worth a trip to check out. We didn’t even begin exploring the city’s many trails, so that would certainly be something to check out.

In a later post, I’ll write about Oglebay, a large municipal park in Wheeling. (It’s pronounced Ogle-bee.)


Autumn Leaves Festival

Just learned the Autumn Leaves Festival is Oct. 8-10 in Mount Airy, N.C.

What’s really cool, is PART, the regional bus system for the Piedmont Triad, is offering a special bus service from Winston this weekend! I hope Triad residents take advantage of the service and visit the festival.

I use this bus system during the week and it’s worth it. It saves money on gas and the wear and tear of your car. It’s also a relief from stress because you don’t have to do all the driving! Here’s the bus schedule (PDF).

The festival features bluegrass, old time and gospel music; food; and arts and crafts.