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Nannie’s Ripple Scarf

I made another Ridged Wave Scarf from a pattern I bought from Peaceful Heart Alpacas several years ago.

This scarf is made from an alpaca yarn I bought at Peaceful Heart Alpacas.

This scarf is made from an alpaca yarn I bought at Peaceful Heart Alpacas.

I love this pattern and really enjoyed making it again. This will be a Christmas gift to my grandmother this year. Nannie came to stay for about a week earlier this summer and I took her to visit the alpacas.

While there, we petted and fed the alpacas and browsed the store. Nannie picked out this yarn for herself and helped me picked out yarn for a couple of pairs of socks.

I will use this yarn to make a garter top sock

I will use this yarn to make a garter top sock

I will use this yarn for my first attempt at cables.

I will use this yarn for my first attempt at cables.

It was heavenly working with this yarn. Much like a mini spa for my fingers. I can’t wait for Nannie to see the yarn and to finish the socks!

Some alpaca yarn for Christmas gifts

I bought two skeins of yarn and a crochet scarf pattern at Peaceful Alpaca Farm, Fancy Gap, Va. See pictures and read about my visit here.

I can’t wait to see how the scarves come out!

Here’s some crochet and knitting patterns that feature alpaca fiber here:



Devil’s Den, Fancy Gap, Va.

Last weekend, Chris and I decided to walk at Devil’s Den, a nature preserve in Fancy Gap, Va.

Chris had heard that warm weather grasses and flowers had been planted and was attracting a lot of butterflies. With camera in tow, we set out.

We saw black-eyed susans, purple monarda, milkweed, cone flowers and Queen Anne’s lace. Here’s some scenery shots and close-ups. I’ll spare you the many, many landscape shots I took: (All photos by E.A. Seagraves. Do not use without permission.)

My hubby and puppy. Do you see the storm clouds behind them?

Queen Anne’s lace


Black-eyed susans

We saw lots of yellow tiger swallowtails, red-spotted purples, buckeyes and black swallowtails.


Yellow tiger swallowtail on milkweed

Black butterfly on mondara

Yellow tiger swallowtail on a cone flower.

More black butterflies on mondara.

We also saw a couple of indigo buntings. It was an awesome nature viewing day.

We pulled into the preserve right after a storm was going down the mountain. We walked around about an 1 1/2 hours, taking pictures of the meadow and walking down the 0.43 mile trail to the cave, which gives the preserve its name.

The trail to the cave is pretty steep so it’s not for those who do not want to or cannot climb rocks and tree limbs.

The cave

As we walked back up the mountain side from the cave, mist started rising from the valley below. The valley must have gotten a good, cooling rain after the hot weather we’ve had. By the time we left, the preserve was covered in a thick fog.


Happy (Belated) 4th!

Chris’ parents just left this morning after a weekend visit. They usually spend every July 4th with us.

So, this post is a little late, but, nonetheless, I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

Here’s some visual goodness from various 4th of July celebrations we attended. (All photos by either E.A. Seagraves or Christopher Brooke. Do not use without permission.):

Fancy Gap, Va. (July 3rd)

Chris (left) samples some kettle corn at one of the first booths we came to.

This isn’t a great picture, but I posted it anyway. I like the birdhouse, the bowls and cutting boards.

Local woodworker Tod Price makes a wine stopper. (The wood products above are not his.)

A crowd shot.

This lady (right) is originally from Arizona, but now lives in the Twin Counties, Va., area (Grayson and Carroll Counties and City of Galax).

Another vendor (right) talks about some of her products.

The music got started in the early afternoon, right before we headed home.

Hillsville, Va. (July 4th)

Members of the local VFW

More local veterans

A local Girl Scout troop. They won the award for best overall parade entry.

A local Christian Association of Bikers club.

At least four dogs participated in the parade, including this patriotic dachshund.

Classic cars are always a part of local parades.

The Kazim Hillbillies is a regional Shriners group. They’re usually a lot of fun.