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Davis Flea Market, Level Cross, N.C.

I recently learned about a new flea market in Level Cross, N.C.

A security guard at the Jackson Library told me about it after I stopped to ask her what she was crocheting. While watching the door to the library, she was whipping up a variety of hats in multi-colors. She said a lot of the college kids loved her pattern and she sold many to them.

Other hats she sells on Saturdays at the Davis Flea Market in Level Cross (9755 U.S. 220 Bus. N., Randleman, N.C.).

The woman said the market started up about a year and a half ago and has been growing ever since.

If you’re ever in that area during the weekend, you should stop by and check it out. According to the website, the hours are 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sundays.

(As an aside, I lived in the Level Cross community for four years. I owned property there for six.)

Sweater update

Just a quick update on Chris’ sweater.

Only 2.5″ left to knit in the round before I can bind off!

I’m just about finished with one sleeve! Then on to the final sleeve, assembly and the collar.

As you have probably guessed, I’ve sort of dropped out of the 2011 Sweater Challenge. I should be completing sweater 3 by now, not still working on No. 1.

But I’m fine with that. I’ve been enjoying myself anyway. And I do have yarn for the second sweater, which I hope to start before fall. 🙂

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Finished scrapbook!

I just finished my second scrapbook!

I had forgotten the second “s” and had to create a strawberry out of an “e.” 🙂

I started this scrapbook of desserts a few years ago when I first started scrapping.

In it I’ve placed all the dessert-related recipes I’ve collected over the years, including family recipes.

On this page I’ve got Mom’s “Cherry Crunch,” Nannie’s “Canned Apple Pie Filling”
and Chris’ Aunt Faye’s “Ginger Cookies.”

I had bits of pages and papers sitting in piles and in bags, getting wrinkled and torn. I figured if I were to ever use these treasures I better organize them for easy use and safe storage.

I’ve got plans for scrapbooks to house appetizers, drinks, soups and breakfast; beef and pork; and chicken and fish. But those books will probably be smaller than a 12″ by 12″ book.

The dessert book won’t fit in the closet with the other cookbooks! I could attribute that to poor planning, though I think the cookbooks were upstairs in our attic loft when I started this book. Oops! Oh, well. The book has currently found a home on a shelf on our small TV table.

Here’s a few of my favorite pages. Please excuse the dark spot on the pics. I can’t seem to get my Nikon cleaned. I think it’s time to get the body professionally cleaned. Oh, and get a new lens. After months of the glass falling out, the old wide angle finally fell apart this morning!

First page of an apple-themed spread.

Second page of the apple-themed spread!

This page has the pumpkin pie I make nearly every year. My family loves it and requests it often.

Pies, pies, all kinds of pies!

Next up will probably be our wedding album. I don’t have books for the other recipe books yet, but the wedding album is ready to go with photos, paper and mementos.

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Win some Crafty Chica books

Corinne Leigh over at Craftovision (formerly of Threadbanger) is hosting a give away with Kathy Cano-Murillo, a.k.a. Crafty Chica.

Cano-Murillo has started writing novels and she and Corinne are giving away two. To win ’em, you have to like Craftovision and Crafty Chica’s Facebook pages. You can do that here and here.

To learn more, watch the current Craftovision video:

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National Scrapbooking Day

Last weekend a friend and I headed to Dobson, N.C., for a scrap to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day. I think I only worked on my scrapbooks once or twice since last year’s event. A shame, I know.

But I’m happy to report I completed six pages in my Desserts scrapbook!

I thought I’d be done after eight pages, but as the weekend wore on I kept adding more and more pages because the recipes I planned to showcase together wouldn’t fit on the same 12″x12″ page. So I’ve still got six more pages to complete!

Then I’ll finally, hopefully, begin working on our wedding scrapbook. (Our 3rd anniversary is Tuesday!)

Here’s some pics of my friend, Brenda, working on cards and the pages I completed:

Brenda working on a birthday card. She also made anniversary and Easter cards.

These photos rotate around the brads to reveal the recipe below (see next photo).
I added the words “Eat Cake” because the page looked empty without it.
I used Creative Memories Dual-Tip Pen in Pink.

This is probably my most favorite page of the weekend.
The flowers are from Creative Memories Doodling Templates Flowers and Swirls.
I could only find the templates through a Google Search. A photo is below.

This is the Doodling Templates Flowers and Swirls.
(This image is owned by Creative Memories and is only used for educational /demonstration purposes.)

If you look closely at this page you can see that I used a thinner marker (a dual-tip pen in purple) for the words and then traced the letters with a thicker marker because I didn’t like the initial result. It now looks sloppy. Haaa, haaa!
I also would have used more strips of ribbon, but that should have been done before placing the stickers!
This page didn’t come together so well, but it’ll do.

This is another page that I liked how it came together. Hearts are a Creative Memories shape maker.

Another page that didn’t come together all that well, but I really like the flowers and the brads in the bottom right hand corner.
The title “A Crusty Issue!” refers to the two pie crust recipes — traditional and crumb — on the page.

This page was missing something and I put it aside to come back to it later.

I later added dragonflies to the top.
The dragonflies were made using a Creative Memories shape maker.
The letter stickers show which order to make and assemble this recipe.

Besides yummy food and scrapping fun, the hostess held several games, giveaways and sales. I racked up on a lot of paper, stickers and embellishments!

I also bought a few things, including a Creative Memories Tag Maker, which I know will get lots and lots of use!

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Where to shop: Main Street, Abindon, Va.

We went to Abingon, Va., last Saturday to walk the Virginia Creeper Trail. While we were there, we also checked out Main Street and some local businesses.

First off, we ate a quick lunch at the famous Martha Washington Hotel and Spa’s Market Deli (there’s two links: hotel and the deli). This hotel is gorgeously decorated and would be a very pleasant place to stay. I’d love to check out a cabaret and get a massage at the spa.

Chris had a reuben with chips and I had 1/2 a turkey sandwich with Italian Wedding soup and chips. Very delicious.

After the walk, we stopped by A Likely Yarn, a local yarn shop on Pecan Street just below the Creeper’s trail head.

The business is one of the largest, locally-owned stores I’d been in. A knitting class was taking place in a small room to the left as we walked in and several ladies were browsing books and yarn in the large shop area to the right.

There was a large collection of books, a lot separated by category, such as socks, crochet or knitting. There was also a rack that had “Handknit Heros,” a comic book of needle welding crime fighters.

I was very impressed with the large selection of crochet and knitting books at A Likely Yarn.
The yarn selection was pretty nice too. Prices were comparable to other shops I’d been in and there was a wide variety of brands.
I think I just about picked up every skein of yarn along this wall.

I signed up for the shop’s e-newsletters and the lady tending the shop told me about an upcoming retreat in February.

Next we walked around Main Street and stopped in several antique shops, including Abingdon Mercantile and Frames. We were on the hunt for Rookwood Pottery (Chris’ parents collect it) and a dress form (I want one so much!).

We also stopped at The Arts Depot to check out some artists’ studios. I really liked some fabric hats and paintings, such as those by Jackie Dolpp and Joyce Samuel. The artists’ collaborative is a one block off Main Street on Depot Square.

Before heading home, we grabbed coffee at Zazzy’z Coffee House.

While in Abingdon, you should also check out  Barter Theater, A House on Main, The Tavern, and other antique, clothing and gift shops along Main Street.

New Publication: CraftSanity Magazine!

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood of CraftSanity has published her first magazine!

This image belongs to CraftSanity and is from the Etsy site. Now, go buy a copy!

Jennifer and many contributors offer a variety of recipes and crafty projects in this inaugural issue. You can order the ‘zine on Etsy in the print or PDF format.

I’ve followed Jennifer for a couple years now on CraftSanity and encourage you to check out her new product. I’m sure it’s wonderful! (I haven’t gotten a copy yet, but plan to.)