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Crafters Christmas cards

The current project of the Crafters for Christ is Christmas cards, which members will hand out at local nursing homes. The group recently met this past Saturday for a session of crafting, laughing and fellowship. Here are some of the cards we’ve made so far:

Joy card

Noel chimney card

Two ornaments and trees

Cindy and her cards

Yes, she made these! She has some awesome talent.

She is also a very creative lady.

She is also a very creative lady.

Some paper goodies in the works for some cards:


Santa hat

We have several more meetings planned in the coming weeks. Right now we have 31 cards made and I hope we can make at least 3x as many before Christmas. Our goal is to deliver cards to three nursing homes this year. In the past we only visited one so we’ve taken on quite a challenge to make sure we have enough cards made in time.

Craft Ministry Update

Last night I and another Crafters for Christ ministry member joined the First United Methodist Women’s group for a night of crafting. June, the women’s group president, had asked earlier this month for the Crafters to join the UMW in a hands-on service project. After some discussion, we decided Thinking of You cards was the way to go. The UMW will mail these cards to their members who are not shut-ins or live in nursing homes.

This card is an example of the Thinking of You cards, which are pre-cut and stacked in front of it.

This card is an example of the Thinking of You cards, which are pre-cut and stacked in front of it.

It was a lot of fun watching the ladies assemble the pre-cut cards and get comfortable with their own creativity. I really hope they consider partnering with us again!

We also had some supplies to make bookmarks for the church’s Christmas Shoeboxes, which will be delivered to Samaritan’s Purse in November. After 31 cards were made, several of the women swarmed the bookmark table and had fun stamping out designs onto the cards and picking out matching thread.

A couple of the bookmarks made for the Christmas shoeboxes.

A couple of the bookmarks made for the Christmas shoeboxes.

Two walker/wheelchair bags finished

As flurries fell outside, I sat in the kitchen this afternoon and finished up two more walker/wheelchair bags. Yep, I sat at the kitchen table. No more freezing in the cold basement for me!

Mom and Dad got me a new Brother sewing machine and I pulled it out today and sat at the kitchen table while Chris lounged on the couch reading his new George R.R. Martin book (also thanks to Mom and Dad):

Here’s the bags:

You’ll recognize the bag on the left from this post. I finally got around to sewing the front, back and straps together.

For the second bag, I used remnant material that my friend, Dahna, gave to me. I think it makes a very nice bag and I can’t wait to hand it to a nursing home resident!

I used my new rotary cutter and cutting mat (thanks, again, to my parents!) to cut out the second bag and I loved how everything came out more evenly and how the size of the straps are better proportional to the bag. I asked for the rotary cutter and mat after Rae of Made by Rae said she likes using a mat so that the fabric lies flat and she can cut straighter lines (at least I think it was her who said that).

Since the straps are narrower, I only used one Velcro square. The smaller bag has wider straps, so, therefore, I had to use more Velcro.

What do you think? I bet nursing home residents will be very happy to receive these!

Right now, besides blogging, I’m curled up on the couch, sipping hot cocoa my sweet hubby made and am about to start studying some precal and physiology.

Next up on the sewing agenda is a bag from this book:

Pjs and wheelchair bags


By Wednesday, my official third day off from studying, I’d already done more craft-wise than I’ve done all year.

Do you remember the pjs I made for Chris awhile back? Well, I used more of the same remnant fabric and made me a pair.

There are four pleats in the front and two pleats in the back. The shorts are hard to pull up over the hips, but fit wonderfully once I get them up. I think, next time, I’ll leave off the front and back pleats to see if that’ll make the shorts more comfortable to pull up.

Also, in this post, did you see the button I sewed back onto Chris’ shorts? It fell off within in a week. Turns out the button was broke! I figure I need to find the shorts and attach a new button in the coming week, too. I’ll do that when I’m mending some jeans.

Actually, a lot of jeans. Many of my jeans have holes in the thighs. I’ve researched the various ways to mend jeans and I think I’m just going to go with the traditional patching. The holes are pretty big and I don’t really care for anyone to see my inner thighs or have crazy stitching in that area, so this really is the best option.

But, if you’re not interested in just old fashioned patching, here’s some other ideas: soluble stabilizer and crochet patches. All three of theses are courtesy of Craftzine and Instructables, two sites worth checking out for tips, projects and how-tos.

And, back in October, I started a ministry at church — a knitting, crocheting and sewing ministry. Currently we’re making wheelchair/walker bags for area nursing home residents. I hoped to have several made by Christmas, but haven’t had much luck getting people to participate. Right now I have one lady who always joins me at the meetings every other Saturday (but she sort of has to since she has the key) and three ladies that occasionally show up when they can, but not very often. One lady, whom I’ve only talked to via phone, sent me a really cute bag made out of a kitchen towel.

So far the grand total is 5 bags. I’ve got one crocheted bag made and another cut out and ready to be sewn together. Another piece of fabric has been washed and ironed and is ready for cutting.

Our target goal now is February for Valentine’s Day. If you’re interested, this is the pattern we’re using (or click here for the pdf).