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Rust Baby Cable Socks

Here’s another pair of socks. This marks a third Christmas present off the list!

Baby Cable Socks

Close-up Baby Cable Socks

Here is a close-up of the cable stitching.

Yes, this pattern is also from Cindy Guggemos’ “I Can’t Believe I’m Knitting Socks.” This is my first attempt at this pattern — Baby Cable Socks. I have to say I really like it. It’s pretty simple and knits up very nicely.

I’m not sure which pattern I like best — this one or the eyelet chevron pattern. I wrote about the eyelet chevron pattern here and here.

Now I have this on the needles:

Dish Cloth

This will be a dish cloth, and will serve as a last minute gift. I have enough of this yarn to make 2 or even 3. I’ve used this pattern in the past. It’s a simple pattern with knit (k), yarn overs (yo), and knit two together (k2tog) stitches.

Vintage Rose Garter Socks

I had to frog (knitting and crocheting parlance for, “I f-ed up and I had to pull out all the stitches”) this sock a couple of three times. It’s not a particularly difficult pattern, but I miscalculated the size I needed to fit a particular ankle circumference. I also forgot to consider that the sock cuff will stretch, therefore I didn’t need to knit to the exact circumference, just enough so that the sock will stretch to fit comfortably. It’s been awhile since I knitted up a sock. Can you tell?

Vintage Rose Garter Socks

This pattern is from Cindy Guggemos’ book “I can’t believe I’m knitting socks,” published by Leisure Arts. I’ve written about this book before (here and here). I don’t really like this pattern. It’s much more simple than the eyelet chevron pattern, but it doesn’t seem to be as pretty. This yarn is an alpaca blend so the comfiness of the socks should make up for the lack of beauty.

Finished the last (belated) Christmas gift

I finished my final (belated) Christmas gift Saturday night!

I plan to drop these socks in the mail later this week. By this time, my sister, Jamie, may have already forgotten about them. So maybe it’ll be a nice surprise for her later in the week. 🙂

I used the same pattern to make socks for my mom and myself here, and spoke of the book here. I plan to try the other patterns in Cindy Guggemos’ book, but I still recommend this as a beginning sock maker’s guide.

Now I’m working on some fingerless gloves for the hubby. I’m improvising since I couldn’t find a pattern I really liked. More on this later . . . I hope.