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Where to Eat: Mitchie Tavern, Charlottesville, Va.

In Charlottesville, we grabbed a bite to eat at historic Mitchie Tavern, located below the hill from Monticello. It serves an all-you-can-eat buffet of an 18th century fare.
Dressed in period clothing, waitresses brought out more food as you requested it. Though a bit pricey at $16, I think it’s worth it. The food was spectacular! We ate chicken, black-eyed peas, stewed tomatoes, green beans and roast potatoes.

While there, we also checked out the shops on the property. Here’s the metal smith shop where you can buy many different things:

This woman told us about the courting candle. When a young man comes to call on a young lady, the father would set out the courting candle. The father could make the candle longer or short depending on which way he turned the candle’s knob.
If he liked the young man, he turned the candle up; if he didn’t, there wasn’t much candle to burn before the young man would have to leave. 
Once the candle burned down to the first coil, it was time for a young man to leave.

Monticello and Mitchie Tavern, Charlottesville, Va.

On our way back from Richmond a couple months ago, we stopped by Monticello to stretch our legs. I really enjoyed visiting Thomas Jefferson’s old home place and learning about the property.

I wrote and won a DAR award with an essay about Thomas Jefferson in fifth grade, so I sort of hold a special place for him and his home in my heart, as corny as that may sound. It was really cool to visit a place I’d written and read about all those years ago.

Isn’t this place gorgeous? It has two large porches extending from each side of it.

Here’s the wine cellar and the dumbwaiter used to transport the bottles upstairs:

Here are more photos of the grounds:

Thomas Jefferson’s grave.

A big, old tree on the property.

Mulberry Row, where homes of slaves and trades workshops were located.