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One course down


I’ve survived my first medical school course! It was really hard to push through the past few weeks, but I did it.

I am amazed at the amount of information I’ve gleaned in the first 3 months. It’s also humbling to see how little this knowledge makes a dent into the medical information needed to pass board exams in the coming years.

It’s impossible, of course, to know everything. That’ll always will be the case. It’s more important to know where to find information and know when and where to refer patients when we’re faced with an obstacle we can’t solve on our own.

The hardest part of this first course was knowing how to balance time. Time to study. Time for family. Time for cooking, cleaning, paying bills and all the other normal activities we need to do. Notice I didn’t even mention making time for myself. That’s something I’m working on. It seemed nearly impossible to do the things I needed to do without thinking of doing things I wanted to do.

I know there are classmates and colleagues that have found ways to fit in their Me Time. I’ve been reading and listening and trying to figure out ways to incorporate their ideas and others into my own routine. Except those a classmate who said she’s able to take one full day off from studying. I think she has a superwoman cape hidden in her closet.

The highlights from the first few months:

  • Finding heartbeats during ob visits. Very thrilling!
  • Taking patient histories, both simulated and real. Under guidance and supervision, of course.
  • Hearing my first heart murmur. Thanks, Dr. S.!

Next week starts a new course. This week was a much needed break for my classmates and I. I hope everyone got the rest they needed and are ready for Monday!

4 thoughts on “One course down

  1. OMG!!!!!!! I am so proud of you, that I want to cry!!! You are so brilliant and loving and truly amazing. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration…….PS When you are done with med school, you need to make me some zucchini bread because you are slacking!!! lol LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. There are no words to describe how happy I am for you. You work so hard and it is such a blessing to see you thrive. P.S. You look beautiful in your white coat, chica.