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Juggling schedules

Classes start next week, so Chris and I have been discussing how we’re going to manage the pup’s care. Specifically, making sure someone will be available to take her outside for a bathroom break and administer her meds during the day.

On some days, Chris could leave mid-morning, especially when he has evening meetings. He’ll be able to take her outside one more time and make sure she receives her midday pill before heading to the office. Within 5 or so hours, I should be back home and will be able to take care of any other needs.

But there are going to be days when Chris can’t arrange to leave later in the morning, and my schedule will not allow me to get home any earlier. So we’re looking for other alternatives. Back-up plans, if you will.

The in-laws have offered to swing by during the lunch hour or to watch Sidney during the day. For them to watch her, Chris will need to drop off and pick up Sidney from the in-laws’ house. It’s a little out of the way and will add to Chris’ hour, one-way commute. People do this daily for child care, so it can’t be that much of an issue, right?

The in-laws can’t, understandably, be available every day. When they can’t help, we may hire a pet sitter. Does anyone have any experience with those? We’re thinking, at most, we might need assistance 2-3 times a week.

I’m hoping in a few weeks my schedule will allow me to be home by early or mid-afternoon, which won’t be too long for Sidney to wait. Until then, we’re gonna have to make it through the next four weeks.

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