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Fisher Peak, Blue Ridge Music Center

My friend Dahna has organized a Hiking Club. The first outing was Saturday at the Blue Ridge Music Center. The center, located on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 213, has a couple of trails that cross a wetlands, a meadow and through the woods that cover Fisher Peak. The Fisher Peak Loop is 2.24 miles and the liner High Meadow Trail is 1.35 miles.

Chris, Sidney and I have hiked these trails multiple of times. My favorite is the loop trail, mostly because it provides a great look at how habitats can be affected by the amount of sun exposure and water sources available, among other things. One part of the loop is very dry and features hardwoods and pines. The moist side has lots of rhododendrons, undergrowth and beautiful fungi. This section is where I’ve taken photos of red efts (a form of the red-spotted newt).

I’ve written about the Blue Ridge Music Center before. Bands perform at the visitor center or on the stage various times during the year. The visitor center also has a museum devoted to the rich music history of the area. It should be on your must-visit list on the Parkway.

Here are some photos I took during Saturday’s trip:

Fisher Peak trail

Gnarly tree, Fisher Peak

Galax leaves in their winter splendor.

Galax leaves in their winter splendor.

Meadow at Fisher Peak

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