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Cranberry-Banana-Walnut Quick Bread

This cranberry-banana-walnut bread may look “ugly as sin,” as Chris put it, but it’s damn good! (Recipe here or a variation here.)

Cranberry Banana Walnut Bread


I made this bread for Aunt Shirley earlier this week and it turned out lovely. The bread didn’t stick anywhere and browned nicely. I did have to cook it an additional 10 minutes, but it slid right out of the pan with no problem.

For this go ’round, I did change the ratio of bread flour to cake/pastry flour from 1.5 cups: 0.5 cups to 1:1. I’m not sure that would have caused the bread to stick more though.

It seems like my Christmas baking has turned out the same for the past couple of years. Some funny disaster will happen and I’ll be left somewhat empty handed. Last year, nothing was turning out. I added too much butter or sugar into sugar cookie dough, so I had to pat it out and cook it into a big lemony mass. Breads fell apart and didn’t hold their shape. Around 8 or 9 p.m., Chris told me to stop with what I had and rushed out the door to Food Lion to buy provisions. So most of what people got last year were store-bought goodies with a surprise from me tucked in here and there.

This year Chris was on cookie duty. They turned out pretty and delicious. I’m 1 for 2 on the bread. I think I’m going to stop now.

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