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Camping at Smith Mountain Lake Park, Huddleston, Va.

After breaking camp at Holliday Lake State Park, we headed to Smith Mountain Lake State Park, which we’ve visited before. We arrived around 10:30 a.m. and set up camp. Rain was forecasted for later in the afternoon, and we wanted to get camp set up and make it to Booker T. Washington National Monument for Harvest Time.

The camp site we selected wasn’t as nice as Holliday Lake State Park’s facility. Many of the tent sites share a parking lot and the pads are located a short distance away. This isn’t too bad, because the vehicles were in sight of the camps. Water was accessed from one shared faucet located in the shared parking lot. Electricity also isn’t offered. If you want, you could pay extra for pads designated for RVs, which have water and electricity. We did see one family with tents set up in an RV pad.

One other disadvantage of Smith Mountain Lake compared to Holliday Lake State Park is the cost of firewood — $4 versus $3 a bundle.

The tent sites have great tree cover, so there will be shade during hot, sunny days. During the rain, the trees helped provide extra cover, too. It was a lot quieter than Holliday Lake State Park, but that’s probably because it rained from 2-9 p.m. and no one could sit outside their tents and RVs.

The bathrooms at Smith Mountain Lake are great. There are five exterior shower rooms in the bathhouse. The showers are very roomy and are kept clean. The bathhouse also has a large sink for washing dishes.

We didn’t stay the next day to walk any trails. We were tired of the rain and ready to head home. So after breakfast, we broke camp and headed home.

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