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A couple of great eats in Richmond

We found a couple of new great places to eat in Richmond, Va. — Patrick Henry’s Pub and Grille on East Broad Street and Alamo BBQ on Jefferson Avenue.

We ate out on the patio at Patrick Henry’s on a brisk Tuesday evening. Lucky for Chris, Tuesday’s special is burgers. He got a medium rare patty with swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard. He paired it with Yuengling and great onion rings. That’s high praise coming from me. I’m not a big fan of onion rings because they’re usually greasy. That wasn’t a problem with these. I’d get them as a side if we ever eat there again.

I settled on a blackened salmon sandwich, though I thought it tasted more like the fish was coated in paprika and not a mixture of seasonings and didn’t appear “blackened.” It was delicious, nonetheless, and included roasted red peppers (one of my favorites!), red pepper aioli and spinach. I also ordered a side Cesar salad and chardonnay.

I would love to live somewhere on Grace Street so we could walk to Patrick Henry’s on a regular basis. The service and atmosphere were great and the food was even better.

The Alamo is a walk up and order joint. Besides pork and chicken barbecues, the restaurant also offers vegetarian options, such as a portobello barbecue sandwich or taco. I couldn’t pass up the pork, so I got a pulled pork sandwich and a side of rice and black beans. Chris got a chicken sandwich and sweet potatoes.

It was really cool outside and there was only outdoor seating. So we quickly ate and headed back to the car. The food was good, so I hated to eat and run instead of savoring it. During colder days, plan to order to go.



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