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National Mall, Washington, D.C.

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Our first night in D.C., we headed to Constitutional Avenue to check out the National Mall.

It was hard to take photos of the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial in the dark. I did like how there wasn’t a crowd on the Mall or at either monument. I think nighttime is a good time to check out those sights if you’re not too worried about getting great photos.

We were tired from our stop at Harpers Ferry, so we didn’t visit anymore monuments the first night.

The distance between each memorial was surprising to me. I thought they would be so much closer. It would definitely take a few hours to walk to each monument to see them. Chris and I wanted to make it by the WWII, the MLK, Iwo Jima and Lincoln monuments sometime before we left, but we didn’t make it, at least not on foot. We did drive by most of them.

The next day, we visited the Mall during the day. We parked, for free with a limit of 3 hours, at the Jefferson Memorial and walked the length of the Mall, all the way to the Capitol Building. There is also 3 hour, free parking along Madison and Jefferson Avenues, which run along either side of the Mall. If you’re luck to find parking, I’d park there. There is a Metro station at the Mall and at nearby Independence Avenue.

The Capitol Building

The Capitol Building

A flower garden along a road near Jefferson Memorial.

A flower garden along a road near Jefferson Memorial.

Info on the visitor’s map says the National Mall is 2 1/4 miles long from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon. I didn’t realize how long it was!

Many of the capital’s museums line the Mall. All of the museums are very large, so you can spend a few days just visiting them!

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