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The word “humble”

Spending some time over the next couple of weeks thinking and writing in response to essay prompts.

For the last two days I’ve been contemplating the word “humble.” One essay wants me to describe a “humbling experience.” To me, life is full of humbling moments. Narrowing it down to just one or two isn’t easy.

Do you focus outwardly and describe a time when you were reminded of how blessed you are? I find being reminded of how things could have been or could be as humbling. It’s always good to remember you have it better than you think and that you shouldn’t take what you have for granted because good things in your life aren’t permanent. Life is change and there are good changes and bad.

Or, do you focus inwardly and share intimate moments when you were faced with challenges or down and out? Everyone could share something along those lines, I think. Like a time you didn’t get picked for the project you surely thought you’d get or a period when you struggled to find work or times when you struggled to pay the bills. These can be humbling experiences.

Where would you focus to answer this prompt — outwardly or inwardly? What in your life makes you or made you feel humble?

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