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Fall cleaning

I always think about sorting and cleaning in the spring, but never seem to do it. I’d rather be outside hitting the New River Trail or planting tomatoes and peppers in the garden than inside scrubbing walls and windows, weeding through mountains of paper or cleaning out closets.

I tend to get in the mood for major overhauls in the fall when the flowers are beginning to wane and the air gets a cool crispness to it. I’m not sure if anyone else feels that way, but that’s when I start to feel restless and begin to look at all the clutter accumulated in corners. I get an urge to file things away, get rid of things gathering dust and update my wardrobe.

The past few days I’ve been throwing away old business cards, frig magnets and mail, and stacking up books and clothes to donate. To me, when the sunflowers start to turn brown and there are more cool days than warm, its time to renew my space and life.

Maximillian sunflowers

Maximillian sunflowers

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