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Pjs, some hemming and a quick update


Hello! How’ve you been? Did you think I forgot about you? 🙂

I just finished a pair of pj shorts for Chris this afternoon. It felt great to finish a project and have something to show you.

I have much more of this fabric and plan to make me a pair of pj bottoms, too. That’s actually next on my list, as well as, a shirt for me.

I also sewed a button (for the second time) on a pair of shorts this afternoon. I’m not sure how the it fell off the first time, but I made sure to sew it on extra tight this time. I’m not sure how that man loses his buttons. 🙂

And, weeks after buying them, I finally got around to hemming two pairs of jeans for Chris. We bought them at Ross Dress for Less (my favorite store!) for about 20 bucks or so. Usually we have a hard time locating some good prices on jeans for Chris, so, though they were too long, I encouraged him to get them if he liked them.

But then I forgot about them. Oops!

So, now they’re ready wear. Hope he likes them. 🙂

And, a quick update. I’ve returned to the classroom!

As you’ve probably noticed, a lot of my personal obligations have fallen by the wayside. It’s been a big adjustment, but I’m excited for the opportunity and glad that I can concentrate on this full time.

So, I can’t promise I’ll post weekly, but I’ll post when I can. Sharing my projects and recipes are still very important to me, but I’ve had some major changes in my routine and it’s been a lot to get used to.

2 thoughts on “Pjs, some hemming and a quick update

  1. Hi! Good luck with your studies. The shorts look very comfy!! Peace, Stephanie

  2. I completely know what you mean about things falling to the wayside. Same thing is going on here! Adjusting back to like as a student is proving to be a bit more challenging than I thought (doesnt help that it is in Sweden!!) Good luck getting your routine together. 🙂