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Cake mix (from scratch)

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Many of the cook books I have unfortunately include cake recipes that call for a cake mix. I don’t really like mixes because they always seem to get a funky taste after a couple days. They also don’t stay as fresh as from-scratch cakes.

Last night, as I was flipping through some recipes, I came across a chocolate cherry cake that I really wanted to try, but it called for a Swiss chocolate cake mix.

I was not going to give up! So I googled for “homemade cake mix.” I found a couple of good sites, including yellow and white cake mix over at Chickens in the Road.

For chocolate cake mix I found and tried Shirley’s recipe posted on her blog, Choosing Voluntary Simplicity. Here’s the results:

I made a chocolate butter cream frosting that has coffee in it. I think it’ll be a great complement to the chocolate-cherry cake.

Happy early birthday to me! (Just 12 days early.)

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One thought on “Cake mix (from scratch)

  1. Looks so yummy!! Great idea to make your own cake mix. Homemade is always the best…I wish I had learned that sooner! Chocolate and cherries are such a great combination this time of year! Happy Birthday!! Peace, Stephanie