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Finished scrapbook!


I just finished my second scrapbook!

I had forgotten the second “s” and had to create a strawberry out of an “e.” 🙂

I started this scrapbook of desserts a few years ago when I first started scrapping.

In it I’ve placed all the dessert-related recipes I’ve collected over the years, including family recipes.

On this page I’ve got Mom’s “Cherry Crunch,” Nannie’s “Canned Apple Pie Filling”
and Chris’ Aunt Faye’s “Ginger Cookies.”

I had bits of pages and papers sitting in piles and in bags, getting wrinkled and torn. I figured if I were to ever use these treasures I better organize them for easy use and safe storage.

I’ve got plans for scrapbooks to house appetizers, drinks, soups and breakfast; beef and pork; and chicken and fish. But those books will probably be smaller than a 12″ by 12″ book.

The dessert book won’t fit in the closet with the other cookbooks! I could attribute that to poor planning, though I think the cookbooks were upstairs in our attic loft when I started this book. Oops! Oh, well. The book has currently found a home on a shelf on our small TV table.

Here’s a few of my favorite pages. Please excuse the dark spot on the pics. I can’t seem to get my Nikon cleaned. I think it’s time to get the body professionally cleaned. Oh, and get a new lens. After months of the glass falling out, the old wide angle finally fell apart this morning!

First page of an apple-themed spread.

Second page of the apple-themed spread!

This page has the pumpkin pie I make nearly every year. My family loves it and requests it often.

Pies, pies, all kinds of pies!

Next up will probably be our wedding album. I don’t have books for the other recipe books yet, but the wedding album is ready to go with photos, paper and mementos.

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2 thoughts on “Finished scrapbook!

  1. congrats! doesnt it feel so good to finish an album? Your apple layouts are neat!