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Charleston, S.C.

Recently we took a trip south to spend a few days in Charleston, S.C.

I was expecting a place similar to Savannah, Ga., but it was nothing like that. There is still a lot of history and historic places in the Charleston area, but the look of the city was decidedly different.

Instead of feeling like we were stepping back into time in the historic downtown area, Charleston felt very modern though there were certainly older buildings and homes mixed in.

We did see one cobblestone street and the area near the Battery had many historic homes.

I guess I was just expecting streets and neighborhoods to be more intact. My expectations were too high and kind of tainted my view, I’m sure.

It rained, no poured, the day we walked around the city and visited historic sites. So we didn’t walk down too many side streets, mostly sticking to Meeting and King Streets and exploring just parts of Bay (Battery), Church and Tradd Streets.

Over the next several weeks I’ll introduce you to a few things we did and saw during our trip.

First off, here’s a smattering of pics from the downtown area, in no particular order:

Pretty sure this is S. Battery. If I’m not right, please correct me!

White Point Gardens, near the Battery.

Chris thought this was neat.

I believe this is E. Bay Street.

The rain didn’t slow pedestrian traffic, though I bet it’s more crowded when it’s not raining.

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