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National Scrapbooking Day

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Last weekend a friend and I headed to Dobson, N.C., for a scrap to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day. I think I only worked on my scrapbooks once or twice since last year’s event. A shame, I know.

But I’m happy to report I completed six pages in my Desserts scrapbook!

I thought I’d be done after eight pages, but as the weekend wore on I kept adding more and more pages because the recipes I planned to showcase together wouldn’t fit on the same 12″x12″ page. So I’ve still got six more pages to complete!

Then I’ll finally, hopefully, begin working on our wedding scrapbook. (Our 3rd anniversary is Tuesday!)

Here’s some pics of my friend, Brenda, working on cards and the pages I completed:

Brenda working on a birthday card. She also made anniversary and Easter cards.

These photos rotate around the brads to reveal the recipe below (see next photo).
I added the words “Eat Cake” because the page looked empty without it.
I used Creative Memories Dual-Tip Pen in Pink.

This is probably my most favorite page of the weekend.
The flowers are from Creative Memories Doodling Templates Flowers and Swirls.
I could only find the templates through a Google Search. A photo is below.

This is the Doodling Templates Flowers and Swirls.
(This image is owned by Creative Memories and is only used for educational /demonstration purposes.)

If you look closely at this page you can see that I used a thinner marker (a dual-tip pen in purple) for the words and then traced the letters with a thicker marker because I didn’t like the initial result. It now looks sloppy. Haaa, haaa!
I also would have used more strips of ribbon, but that should have been done before placing the stickers!
This page didn’t come together so well, but it’ll do.

This is another page that I liked how it came together. Hearts are a Creative Memories shape maker.

Another page that didn’t come together all that well, but I really like the flowers and the brads in the bottom right hand corner.
The title “A Crusty Issue!” refers to the two pie crust recipes — traditional and crumb — on the page.

This page was missing something and I put it aside to come back to it later.

I later added dragonflies to the top.
The dragonflies were made using a Creative Memories shape maker.
The letter stickers show which order to make and assemble this recipe.

Besides yummy food and scrapping fun, the hostess held several games, giveaways and sales. I racked up on a lot of paper, stickers and embellishments!

I also bought a few things, including a Creative Memories Tag Maker, which I know will get lots and lots of use!

One thought on “National Scrapbooking Day

  1. Looks like loads of fun! Like your pages too! A recipe album is such a good idea. I am working on a digital one from Creative Memories, but not sure if I will ever finish it! The dragonfly punch is one of my favorites! I love it. Oh, I think the Doodles and Swirls template has been out of stock, so that is probably why you couldnt find it on their website. 🙂 Soooo happy to see you cropping! Wish I could have gone with you!!! 🙂