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FO and cardi


I finished these gloves earlier this week. I’ve sent an email to my friend and hope to have these in the mail in the next few days.

I made the fingers longer than the pattern called for in my Hubby’s Fingerless Mitts pattern. Hopefully these wool mitts will keep my friend’s husband warm in their much colder climate!

A quick update and pics of Chris’ cardigan. I’m knitting the back now and will start on the left shoulder next. The sleeves are knitted in the same pattern and then sewn on later.

The right shoulder is already completed, as you can see.

I really like this pattern and the shape of the stitching. I have yet to get bored! The pattern repeats every 16 rows.

After the cardigan is finished Chris will be able to wear it inside or out, showing the lattice (right side, which is facing) or the hollows (wrong side, seen on the left). I like the lattice-side the best.

Chris picked out a blue yarn for the collar. I can’t wait to see what the color combo looks like when I’ve got them all stitched together.

As a side note, I really want to get a new wide-angle lens for the Nikon D50. Chris passed down this camera to me a few months ago when he bought a D200, but the glass on the D50’s lens falls off! So I’ve been afraid to use it and it’s been sitting in its case.

I really prefer the D50 much more than the Canon PowerShot I’ve been using. Case in point, check out these horrid photos I also took today of the gloves and cardigan.

Now, I know a good photographer can do just about anything with any camera. But I’ve never professed to be a good photographer — only a decent one. And, darn it, I take photos as part of my job, but you wouldn’t know it by these horrible photos! (I use the Canon for work.)

Having a good camera really does make a world of difference. 🙂

4 thoughts on “FO and cardi

  1. The gloves look amazing! Thank you so much Beth!

    Whoa, big difference in those photos. I can certainly tell a difference when I grab my point and shoot vs my dslr…you do get what you pay for! Now, if I could just learn how to use more than the “auto” feature! ha

    That cardigan looks so good..you are such a professional! I am interested to see what a blue collar looks like on it. Keep us updated 🙂

  2. That sweater is going to be killer! Love the red and the stitch!

  3. @Chelsey Thanks!

    I can definitely tell a difference between cameras too, but I know I should be able to make any camera work in any situation, though the quality might not be up to par.

    I'll definitely continue to update on the cardi!

  4. @~ Dawn Sparks ~ Thanks! I appreciate it. 🙂