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David A.’s wool gloves


OK, I actually finished these gloves more than a week ago. I just haven’t been home during daylight hours to snap some photos. So here they are:

Thanks to Chris for modeling these!

I dropped these in the mail today so they’re on their way to the mid-West. Hopefully our friend, David A., will get some good use out of them this winter!

These are made from Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in Natural Brown. This is the same yarn I used to make the wool beret.

Here’s the beret in progress.

The gloves are based on my “Hubby’s Fingerless Mitts” pattern I created last year. I designed the pattern for Chris and made a size medium for him last year.

For David, whose hands are longer (though more slender), I cast on 40 stitches instead of 36 for a large size. I also knitted 6 additional rounds in the palms, or 20 rounds instead of 14.

I also redesigned the thumbs. Instead of knitting the rounds, I purled them and I think it looks better.


What’s Needlin’ Ewe’s 2011 Sweater Challenge Update: I’ve decided on my first sweater. It’s Kim Hamlin’s “Lattice and Hollow Cardigan” from Interweave Knits Spring 2010 issue.

This photo belongs to “Interweave Knits.”
Click on the links above to visit the magazine’s website to buy the pattern or the Spring 2010 issue.

Chris picked out burgundy and navy-colored merino yarns from Malabrigo. I’ll keep you posted as I get it going. The challenge’s goal is to knit a sweater every two months so there will be six sweaters by the end of December. So I’ve got six weeks to knit this one up!

6 thoughts on “David A.’s wool gloves

  1. Those gloves are awesome! You should start an etsy shop (unless you already have?) with some of these items! I would love a pair of these gloves for Josh! Also, he was looking over my shoulder and mentioned how much he really liked this sweater too. Cant wait to see your finished project!!

  2. @ChelseyThanks! I do have an Etsy shop, but I've never listed anything in it.

  3. Very cool fingerless gloves!

  4. Nice!!! Liking the gloves!

  5. @Cameron Thanks! I didn't see this comment before, so apologize for the late reply, Cameron. 🙂