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How-to: French Napkin Fold


When I packaged the Christmas napkins I made for family members this year, I used a French Napkin Fold I saw in my parents’ “Food Network Magazine” issue. You can see the magazine’s instructions here and my version follows below.

Here’s a nice way to package up napkins for gift giving.
Start with the napkin right side up.
Fold the napkin up, with right sides touching.
Then fold a quarter of it down (right sides are showing).

Carefully flip the napkin over so the wrong side is showing and fold the napkin into thirds.

Now you have a little pocket where you can slide in silverware. You can stop here or go to the next step, which makes the napkins easier to store or package.

Fold the top half of the French Fold Napkin over and you have a perfect square for storing or wrapping as a gift.

2 thoughts on “How-to: French Napkin Fold

  1. I plan to make many napkins in the coming weeks; this is such a fun, elegant way to package them up. Thank you!

  2. @KimberlyThanks! Thank you for stopping by the blog and I hope your napkins turn out well. 🙂