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Horne Creek Historical Farm, Pinnacle, N.C.

If you’re any where near Winston-Salem, N.C., sometime, go a little further north and check out Horne Creek Historical Farm in Pinnacle. Take the Pinnacle exit off of U.S. 52 and head west.

We went a few weeks ago and enjoyed taking the self-guided tour to explore the hold home, corn crib and foundations or sites of former structures.

I always enjoy walking around old homesteads, imagining how the families used to live there. Walking through the houses, I always inspect the clothing, rugs and quilts to see how they were made. I check out the kitchen utensils and wonder what it would be like to cook and feed a family there.

Though small, Horne Creek has a lot of interesting buildings and artifacts (or reproductions). The day we visited there was a Girl Scout troop getting a private tour. We watched as they shelled corn and fed the cow and sheep. Hands-on activities are always the best!

Here’s some photos from our trip. Sidney had to stay in the car, probably because of the resident cats, dogs and other animals. I suppose they don’t want other animals roaming around the place.

Take a look at some of the things we saw:

These sheep were not too sure of us. They didn’t come any closer until we turned our back to them.

Here’s a Girl Scout shelling some corn. Look like fun or hard work?

Barn kitties!
There were a couple of these hound dogs.

A sweet goat.

This cow was not that interested in us when she realized we weren’t there to fed her.
Some vines we saw up the hill from the barns.
Corn inside the corn crib.

The old homestead.

Check out these old books!

A rug in one of the bedrooms.

I love the different designs on the bottom and top of the quilt.

Chinese checkers, anyone?

I love the corn husk doll! Do you recognize any of these other toys?

I love how bright this quilt is.

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

Besides chickens and turkeys, there were some guineas (not pictured) too.

There was tobacco outside the tobacco barn. I’m not really sure why. Does it have to dry outside before going in the barn?

This is tobacco in the barn. It was really cool inside.

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