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New River Gorge


Here’s some photos from our trip to the New River Gorge a several weeks ago.

We stayed for a few of hours and would like to go back when we have time to explore more of the park’s trails.

These photos come from the Grandview Visitor Center, which isn’t the area where the famous bridge is located. (Bridge photos are below.)

See the train hauling all that coal?

Even though the bridge isn’t at this location, this is a good spot to visit. Walking along some of the trails and climbing to the top of the Turkey Spur Overlook were great.

This is the beginning of the Turkey Spur Overlook. We walked up several flights of stairs to the top of this rocky outcropping.

Me, being all artsy with the leaves on the Turkey Spur Overlook deck. 🙂

This visitor center is located off I-64, east of I-77, and off of Route 9 in West Virginia. Check it out!

Here are photos from Canyon Rim Visitor Center where the famous bridge is located. This was really outstanding! Every little bit we would pull over and take photos of the bridge from different angles.

Sidney’s ready for the next trail! We’re on an overlook checking out the bridge.

The New River Gorge Bridge.
Probably my favorite picture of the bridge (shot from the smaller bridge seen below).

Shot of the river.

A smaller bridge that’s below and beside the New River Gorge Bridge.

The smaller bridge is to the right (not pictured) and here is a picture of the New River Gorge Bridge and the road that goes underneath it.

There are just some pretty leaves I found alongside the New River below the bridge.

I want to walk to the Kaymoor Trail to the old mining community. There are also more waterfalls along this trail that we didn’t get to see because it was getting too dark to walk far on the trail.

The first waterfall on the Kaymoor Trail.

Ha! I love the look on Chris’ face. 🙂

Canyon Rim is located off of Route 19 in West Virginia.

We also went to the Thurmond Depot, but it was too dark to see anything. It would be cool to go back and check out the old community and train depot. It is located off of Route 25 (follow signs from Route 19).

2 thoughts on “New River Gorge

  1. We went there this summer and really loved it. your photos are great – i especially like the one of the leaves on the bridge!

  2. @Chelsey@ Chelsey Thanks for the comment! I saw your photos and video and thought the place looked great. Chris has wanted to go there for a long time, so I'm glad we finally made it up there.