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The Uniform Project

Most of last year, I followed Sheena Matheiken and her Uniform Project as she created different looks using the same dress (her uniform, which she had 7 of the same dress) for 365 days. She used tights, socks, shoes, bracelets and necklaces and layers to create a new look every day.

The Uniform Project was a statement about creativity and sustainability. And while she did it, Sheena raised money for Akanksha Foundation, an organization that helps impoverished Indian youth pay for their education.

Sheena’s creativity was so inspirational! I loved seeing what she’d come up with day to day. I especially loved her hats and colorful tights. Here’s a few of my favorite shots (all images belong to Uniform Project, I’m only using for demonstration purposes):

This year, Sheena has selected different people (or pilots) throughout the year, each raising money for their own charity. We’re into month three and I’m loving November pilot Angela’s style! She’s the creator of Norwegian Wood (you can also find her on Etsy here).

This photo belongs to Uniform Project.

Angela’s raising funds for Free the Children.

Go check her out and, if you’re so inspired, donate to her cause.

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