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Upcoming October Events

Remember when I told you the Davis-Bourne Inn of Independence was keeping a very good, detailed calendar of events for the area? (I’d link to it, but can’t find the post.) Well, the inn has since closed (though I’ve heard someone is going to buy and reopen the inn and it’s restaurant).

You could try The Twin County Calendar of Events site. It looks like it’s kept up now, though in the recent past I saw it was missing a lot of the festivals, and some of what I’ve got listed below isn’t on there now.

You can also scour local news sites and google key words, but that’s a lot of work and probably won’t help any non-locals.

Here’s some October events. Most of this information is from local news sites (The Gazette or Mount Airy News) or events I knew of:

This Saturday (Oct. 2) is the annual Baywood Fall Festival the Baywood Elementary (Va.). I always loved covering this festival. It’s small and personal. It is for the community, after all. There’s always a parade and crafts and I hope there will be pumpkin painting for the kids again. It was always fun getting pics of those.

Next weekend is both the Mountain Foliage Festival (Oct. 8-9) in Independence (Va.) and the Whitetop Mountain Sorghum Molasses Festival (Oct. 10) at the Mount Rogers Fire and Rescue Squad (Va.).

At the Mountain Foliage Festival, there are a ton of events Friday night and all day Saturday. You will be exhausted if you try to catch all of it! So plan you visit accordingly. Suggestions: Potty Princess Contest on Friday and the state’s only and official Privy Race on Saturday.

Oct. 16 is both the New River Trail Fall Foliage Bike Ride and the Bridle Creek Fall Festival at Bridle Creek Elementary.

On the Mount Airy News site, I found this event and thought it was interesting — Tastefully Superficial: the Art of Victorian Dressing at the Historic Sharpe House in Statesville, N.C. The event is on Thursdays and Fridays through Oct. 17.

If you hear of anything else, just post in the comments below or send me an email. That way more people can be aware of events!

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