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Fort Dobbs, Statesville, N.C.

On a trip to Charlotte, N.C., Chris and I stopped at Fort Dobbs, which is near Statesville.

Fort Dobbs was build during the French and Indian War in the 1700s. It was meant to be a temporary fort, so was not built on a foundation. The building, therefore, deteriorated in a matter of decades.
The museum has constructed some buildings on the site and plans to rebuild the 3-story fort.
Here’s the museum
Inside is a lot of information and gifts. There’s also a model of the fort that used to sit on the site.
It will be cool to walk around the fort once it’s built and see what it looked like. The museum already has the property surveyed and taped, marking the boundaries of the fort.
Staff said a well was inside the building and there was a root cellar under half of the building where provisions were kept. A central chimney served all three floors and each floor cooked it’s meal over the fire.
Afterwards we walked on a short nature trail, which was close to 3/4 a mile. There were signs of trail work, so I bet there will be more trails in the future. Here’s some picture we saw on the trail:
We’re not sure if these markings are original or created for interpretive purposes.
This appears this will be a temporary tent or something to be used for interpretation.
You should definitely stop by the park. Staff has a wealthy of information and it’s going to be a really cool site once the fort is built.
There’s no cost for this park, but donations would be appreciated, I’m sure. There’s a donation jar in the museum.

Here’s a map to the park.

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