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Serpent Mounds, Ohio


On the way home from our Cincinnati trip, we stopped at the Serpent Mound in Peebles, Ohio.

This is an old burial ground, built by the Adena people (800 B.C.- A.D. 100).

There are 3 smaller burial mounds, built by people of a different culture and period.

There’s a tower you can climb up and look over the whole Serpent Mound, which is shaped like a snake.

The trail around the mound is very short and there’s a nature trail that goes down by a creek. We skipped the nature trail because we already had several mosquito bites just from the short walk around the mound.

The small museum must not be missed. I really liked learning about the different types of mounds — when they were constructed, by whom and how. The exhibits were really good and thorough for such a small location.

This would be a quick stop as there isn’t that much to do here.

There is a fee to hang out at this site — here

You can learn more about Serpent Mound here and here.

Here’s a map to get you to the park. We traveled from Ohio 32 to Ohio 73.

2 thoughts on “Serpent Mounds, Ohio

  1. This site is so very special. I try to go every other year or so to feel the energy and marvel at the artistic conceptual mound in shape of a serpent. It is an astronomical site located in an ancient, and eroded, meteor crater. The native tribes created it for a purpose. It is up to us to and relive these ceremonies in our minds. I recommend a picnic lunch, some entertainment and you will have a very enjoyable visit.

  2. @Rayman Thanks for stopping by!

    I agree. The beauty of the mound is amazing. I often wonder what the purpose was for the design too.