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Sharon Woods, Sharonville, Cincinnati, Ohio


While in Cincinnati we stayed in Sharonville. In Cincy, there are several towns/cities that make up sections of the city. Those towns are complete with mayors and councils. So it’s like a town/city within a larger city.

I’m interested in learning more about how that works. It’s a little confusing to me as I grew up in N.C. and am mostly familiar with cities and towns situated within counties and paying both city/town and county taxes. Does that mean Sharonville residents pay Sharonville, Cincinnati and county taxes?

In Va., if a place is called a “city” it doesn’t reside within a county but is an entity all to itself and only pays city taxes. Towns still pay town and county taxes. That was something I had to get used to when I moved to the state a few years ago.

Anyway, since we were in Sharonville we visited Sharon Woods, a local park. When we arrived (early in the morning) there was a small group of people practicing what looked like Tai Chi on one of the bridges that crosses the creek. It would be a great place to do yoga or other group activity. It’s so peaceful!

Creek near the parking lots and bridges. (All photos by E.A. Seagraves/Christopher Brooke. Do not use without permission.)


We walked up to the marina and around a paved trail that circles a small lake. Lots of people were jogging, riding bikes and walking their dogs.

Here’s a view of the marina from across the lake.

At the marina is a playground and snack bar. There’s also a fitness trail, golf course and something called Heritage Park. Heritage Park was closed when we were there and we didn’t wait to go in. It presents a view of 19th century living.

I would love to live near this area. It was such a nice community and very pretty.

Another view of the lake.

2 thoughts on “Sharon Woods, Sharonville, Cincinnati, Ohio

  1. I grew up in Radford – a “city” in VA. We were smack in the middle of Mongomery County, but we were not part of it. We even had a seperate school system. We had to pay to ride the school bus – I think it was 10 cents each way. Very odd! I still havent figured out how it works here – it has been explained many times but I am just not getting it!

  2. @Chelsey Wow! You had to pay to ride the bus? That's crazy. Don't think Galax, Va., makes their kids pay. (It's an even small “city” than Radford.)