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Old Salem, Winston-Salem, N.C.

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Earlier this month, Chris and I met my parents and youngest brother in Old Salem (N.C.) for some visiting and walking around. You can find a map here.

Old Salem is an old Moravian village that’s now surrounded by the City of Winston (now called Winston-Salem). All middle school students in the area take a field trip to the village to learn history and sample some delicious Moravian cookies.

Moravian stars are a popular Christmas decoration through the region.

You can buy tickets at the museum to visit interpreters in trade shops and stores.

But if you don’t want to do that, there’s plenty to see on foot and you can visit the retail shops, such as the bakery, a tavern and a gift and garden shop.

Since it was a Monday and a holiday, the museum and interpretive sites were closed. So we walked around, snapping photos of the beautiful buildings and gardens. We ate lunch at Mayberry Soda Shoppe.

I think Dad, Chris and J.J. enjoyed discussing the various construction techniques and materials used in the old buildings.

Mom and I loved the bakery!

Before we went home, Chris and I stopped by the garden shop and bought some rosemary, tansy and a ornamental pepper plant.

I love rosemary and can’t wait to use it with garlic in mashed potatoes. Chris wanted tansy because it’s a colonial plant that colonists used to keep ants and other insects out of gardens.

The ornamental peppers were just cool looking. It has small, pebble-sized, purple peppers. It’s not for culinary use, but we thought they were pretty and got them anyway.

We’d also bought my mom a sensitive plant — a fern that folds up its leaves when you touch it — but it died after being left in direct sunlight. I guess it was really sensitive!

Here’s some pics: (All photos by E.A. Seagraves. Do not use without permission.)

I loved this house. The colors and look of it.

These chairs and table were on the porch of the house in the picture above. It looks so lovely here.

Peeking down some alleyways, you can see some backyards. A lot of the houses are private residences so you’re not free to roam around.

Want a carriage ride? We saw some visitors get in the buggy soon after I took this photo.

I love this door. There’s several of these doors around Old Salem.

Another house that I like.

And a shop.

Here’s a view of one of the tree-lined streets.

Want to learn more about Old Salem? Check out these books:


One thought on “Old Salem, Winston-Salem, N.C.

  1. We love Old Salem! We used to go there a lot in the Spring. When friends and family come in from out of town, we always took them to Salem Tavern. Love the food there. Taking the carriage ride is a lot of fun on a cooler day. Josh was in the Gideons with the man that owns the carriage company. Of course, the bakery is just wonderful too!!! We never buy tickets, we just walk around and go into all of the free places. 🙂