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Activities in Asheboro, N.C.

Normally I post activities in my own area of Southwest Virginia, but thought I’d share some upcoming activities in my hometown, Asheboro, N.C.

While visiting The Courier-Tribune’s website for some news updates, I found a list of June activities. Here’s the article. The cemetery tour of the Old Asheboro Cemetery on June 5 will feature World War I and II  and Korean veterans in recognition of D-Day (June 6). An interesting idea. (Note: Chris’ niece, Roxanne, will celebrate a birthday June 6.)

Star, a town in Montgomery County (south of Asheboro and Randolph County), will celebrate its heritage on June 5. Here’s the article about the festivities.

PawPaw is fond of saying, “I was born on Little River,” which is a small river that runs through Montgomery County. PawPaw attended Star Elementary and grew up in the Black Ankle community, where his family holds a reunion every summer. I wish I could go to the event, but I have to work that day.

Also, another fun fact, an article in the Monday’s paper about Johnny Miller caught my eye. I pointed to his picture and asked Nannie who he was. “He looks familiar,” I said. Nannie didn’t know him. Then I had an ah-ha moment. Miller was one of my regulars when I was a waitress (among other duties) at Back Creek Seafood many years ago. It was nice to see a familiar face in the paper. 🙂

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