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I’m proud to announce that I’ve seen my first wild orchids!

Here’s a showy orchis that Chris snapped:

All photos by E.A. Seagraves or Christopher Brooke/Do not use without permission.

Gorgeous, huh?

For over a week we kept an eye on the beauty, waiting for it to bloom. I’ve always wanted to see a lady slipper but I was frightened that a mid-April frost claimed it and ruined my chances for seeing one. Luckily it survived.

Chris and I tried several shots before we could finally snap this lady slipper. I’m proud to say this is my very own wildflower shot. Chris was jealous, but not for long. I reminded him that he gets to take all kinds of beautiful flower photos and should be happy that I actually caught one on camera.

Here’s some of the beauties Chris has taken recently. The first three are trilliums and the last is a wild dwarf iris:

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