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Dizzy Gillespie’s home place


We just got back from a weeklong trip to Georgia and Florida.

To help break up the trip along the way, Chris and I would keep an eye out for brown tourist signs along the highway for interesting places to stop.

Heading south on U.S. 1 we saw a sign pointing toward jazz great Dizzy Gillespie’s home place in the middle of beautiful Cheraw, S.C.

The house is no longer standing, but the plot where the home was is now a small park with metal benches and a historical marker.

The back of the benches are sculpted in the shapes of trumpets, music notes and, presumably, Dizzy himself.

Chris sneaked this picture of me while I read the historical marker.

Chris standing in front of a statue and a bench in the park.

Heading south on U.S. 1, turn right onto Huger Street. It’s on the same street as the library. Here’s a map.

3 thoughts on “Dizzy Gillespie’s home place

  1. There's also a state park in Cheraw — Cheraw State Park.

    We stopped by on our way back to Va., but the main entrance only offered a golf course and a playground. We didn't see a nary a trail, although I think I saw a sign for a boardwalk.

    There was another entrance towards camping, so maybe there were trails there, but we didn't go down it. It's a dirt road south of the main entrance.

  2. Testing a 2nd time.