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Grammie quotes

So, like usual after a night of meetings, I went to see my grandparents this morning.

Nannie talked about this newly deceased acquaintance and that one. She tempted me with her newest baked creation — a carrot cake, which I successfully defeated the urge to taste. Big bear hugs to PawPaw before and after he went up the hill to feed and water the chickens. And talks of other random topics: “How is so and so?” “PawPaw’s got an appointment this afternoon and Friday.”

You know, the usual.

But I truly love the nuggets of sayings that they share.

Like, this morning Nannie asked me, “Do you remember that little ol’ lady with the white hair that used to come to the beauty shop?”

Mmmm . . . yeah, well . . . there were lots of little ol’ ladies with white hair that came to the beauty shop. 🙂

The little lady she was referring to was the sister of one of the newly deceased acquaintances.

And PawPaw had me rolling. Usually, he ends the morning with, “Do one favor for me?” “What,” I most always ask, playing along. “Don’t take any wooden nickles.” And then he busts out laughing.

Today, he came back from the chickens without any eggs. Nannie asked if he got any because there weren’t any in the chicken bucket (an old ice cream bucket they fill up with scraps and throw out to the chickens and is used, usually, to carry eggs back with).

PawPaw had four in his flannel shirt pocket.

As he pulled the eggs out, he turned and told me, “These are cacklebury eggs.” Straight face and all. “What?” I ask. I’m really confused at what I thought I heard.

“These are cacklebury eggs. The hens cackle when they lay eggs,” he said and laughed. Nannie agreed and imitated how a chicken sounds when it’s laying eggs. She said the chickens seem to have it as bad as women do, but chickens have to lay eggs every day.

The things grandparents say.

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