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Hillsville Labor Day Flea Market and Gun Show

In case you may have forgot (and, seriously, how could you?), Labor Day Weekend is synonymous with flea market in Hillsville (Va.).

Every Labor Day Weekend, the center of Hillsville turns into a tent city when hundreds of vendors set up camp and wares for an event that attracts throngs of people to this small Blue Ridge Mountain town.

Traffic slows down to a crawl along U.S. 58 as motorists dodge the pedestrians walking in the street because the sidewalks are full of people browsing the flea market finds.

The event kicked off this morning and will last through Monday.

Off of I-77 in Southwestern Virginia, take exit 14 (Galax/Hillsville). Turn right and you’ll fall in line with the rest of the traffic trying to make its way through within a quarter of a mile.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of parking and the friendly townfolk will point you in the right direction.

It could easily take you 3 days to walk the whole market, so feel free to book a room at the various hotels at the I-77 interchange, in Hillsville or Galax, just 12 miles west of Hillsville.

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