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Thank you, BurdaStyle!

It’s not often I win anything, but today Alden Davis of BurdaStyle emailed me to say I’d won a year subscription to “Sew News” in a recent drawing.

I am so psyched! You have no idea!

I entered the drawing only halfheartedly. I mean, there are so many users on BurdaStyle, so what’s the chance my name would be drawn. Plus there are many more users who are more active than I on the site. So, in my opinion, many other people could be considered more deserving. (Yes, this was a random drawing, so activity has no bearing, but still.)

Oh, but I actually won! And I’m so excited.

I can’t wait to receive each issue and lovingly flip through the pages, taking in new sewing techniques, ideas and more.

After this, I’ve just got to make more time for my sewing machine. Damp basement or not.

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